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Cree Led Light Bar

LED light bar is a vehicular fixture used for safety driving by illuminating the path or trail that is being taken by the vehicle. It also serves as an indication of a vehicle’s presence on the road for the awareness of other drivers. Light-emitting diodes, or LED’s, are the providers of light used in this device.

The use of LED lights has gained extreme popularity due to its high functional power. It is a small yet long-lasting light source. It utilizes a diode that is connected to a circuit, emitting a beam of light upon the application of power. This semi-conductor light emitting material can also produce a very powerful luminescence without heating up too much.

Conventional bulbs have this so-called filament that lights up upon the application of electricity; and it burns because of exposure to extreme heat. That causes the lights to flicker or fade out. Instead of using a filament, LED resort to this effect called electro-luminescence

The use of LED’s in light bars somehow reduced the expenses of drivers for vehicular lightnings because replacements happen less frequently. The dome used for these types of light bars is colorless because color is one of their intrinsic properties.

Light bars are used in heavy and rough duties. That is why they should be embellished with the best lightnings that can endure long travels. The characteristics of an LED suits the requirements of the light bars very much, making LED a perfect material for manufacturing light bars.

LED also is an easily programmable electronic component that is why it has gained popularity over halogen-based and xenon-based lights.

An LED light bar is used in a special, heavy duty purposes. It is commonly used in emergency lighting and off-road transportation.

In Emergency Lighting

LED light bar is very essential for lighting emergency vehicles like ambulance, police cars and tow trucks. With the help of the light bar, the people or vehicles blocking the way will move in order to give way for the emergency vehicles. These vehicles are used for urgent purposes like medical emergencies, crime scene inspection, catching of crime suspects, raids and clearing of highways.

For police cars, light bar may also be an indication to another vehicle/s to halt. In some cases, light bar is also used in non-emergency vehicles like a school bus.

Commonly, light bar for emergency lighting are fixed at the roof of the vehicle. This is for other individuals to easily identify the vehicle that is coming their way. Mostly, emergency vehicles have rotating and flashing light bars specially designed as a sign of warning to other people.

In Off-road Adventures

LED light bars are also used for off-road vehicles like trucks, trailers and jeeps. An off-road trail has a very different environment from highways and roads that is why special lighting is needed for safety purposes. Conventional car headlights can illuminate a limited scope, because there are a lot of other vehicles that are passing through roads, and extreme illumination may be too dazzling that can disturb the other drivers.

On the other hand, off road LED light bar can elucidate a wider scope because off-road trails are not bordered with sidewalks; just a vast area of sandy or muddy trails.

Off-road trails are not concrete; plus there are also loopy tracks and irregular curves that a driver may encounter along the adventure. The trail can also be too blurry or cloudy when the wind is too strong to blow the sandy granules around. There are also times when the weather is bad and the surrounding is too foggy.

This calls for an intense lighting in order to guide the drivers while they are taking the trail. Off-road four-wheel driving also requires lightings that can illuminate distantly. The use of light bar is a great help to reduce off-road accidents. Some accidents happen because of the sudden flickering or fading of the lights. This has been resolved by the use of durable LED’s in light bars.

And when we say intense lighting, it really means intense because light bars are being installed in different parts of the vehicle. Some light bars are designed to be mounted on the roof; others are made to be fixed on the bumper. There are also light bars that are used in the side of the trucks or jeeps.

There is also LED tailgate light bar that is assembled at the back of the vehicle. This is also an important element of an off-road vehicle because it is used as a warning light to other vehicles that might be on the same trail. It may serve as: the brake light, when the driver hits the brake; left turn indicator, when the driver turns left; or right turn indicator, when the driver stirred the wheel to the right. It also serves as a parking light.

There is a special jeep LED light bar called the Aurora LED light bar or led light bulb that the manufacturers claimed as the most rugged vehicular lighting out there. The Aurora light bar can produces a wide range and distance excellent light.

No matter how harsh the condition may be, whether it is too sandy, or too muddy, or too foggy or rainy; the Aurora light bars will not be easily filled up with any impurities like sand, clay, mud and water. It can also endure shaky, corrugated and rocky terrains without rattling or falling out of place.

The connections are properly insulated with the best material so you don’t have to worry about possible failed connection in cased water get through the system. It is also installed with military standard rebreather that allows the air to go in and out of the system without breaking it.

LED Light Bar

The sealing of tightly sealed light bars tend to strip because of the air cannot penetrate the system. This will result to a seriously massive difference between the pressures inside and outside the lighting bar.

In choosing the best LED Light bar for trucks, you should review specifications of different models and choose what you think will suit your needs and wants. If you are a hardcore off-road driving enthusiast, you should buy the best LED light bar available.