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Little Chief Smoker Review

The Little Chief Smoker is a product that is manufactured by Smokehouse Products. The brand has been around for well over 30 years, and many individuals and families have come to rely upon the brand, and its products when it comes to their cooking and smoking needs. They have created another well received product with their Little Chief Smoker. The smoker comes in a lightweight squared canister that is aluminum. Many smokers look like capsules, but this model looks like a small chest drawer. Also, many smokers are top loading. This model is front loading, for better control, and for more cooking possibilities.

A smoker is a canister that enables the smoking method of cooking meats to take place. What happens in a traditional smoker, is that wet wood chips are placed on the bottom, usually on top of burning coals. As the wood gets hot, instead of cooking the meat with sheer flames and heat, it smokes the meat with its hot vapors. Many people love to eat smoked meat for a few reasons. First, the meat cooks very slow, and it heats up tenderly in its own juices. Second, because it cooks slow in its own juices, the meat comes out incredibly tender. Most of the time, it’s fall off the bone, or fall apart in your hands tender. Who doesn’t relish the thought of eating meat or fish that has a texture that seems to melt in your mouth?

Third, the meat and fish get impregnated with the smoke flavor. Many people love the taste of smoke in their food, and some people will even buy a product called liquid smoke so that they can make their meats taste like it’s been cooking in a smoker. The food will take on the notes and the flavors of the meat used. This is why enthusiast will experiment with different types of wood chips, such as mesquite, apple, oak, maple, and others. Many people will buy barbecue foods such as ribs, jerky, or even bacon at a higher price than usual, just so that they can experience the wood chip taste that has been imparted into these meats. But when a person owns a smoker, they can create that magical taste in all the meats that they wish, as much as they want. They will find that they will save tons of money, because they can cook large amounts of food in the smoker, and then store it in the freezer to heat and eat later.

Many smokers are heated either with coals or propane gas. However, many smokers are being designed to run off of electricity. Many people prefer this method, because they don’t want to be bothered with buying cans of gas, and the dangers that come with storing and heating gas. Charcoal is inexpensive, but some people don’t want these coals around their home, because pets and children can get into the bags, eat them, and poison themselves. Many people feels as well that these methods of heating the wood chips will leave a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, electricity is a cleaner, less invasive method of fuel.

The Little Chief Smoker is medium in size, and it is built with a 250 watt heating element. The Little Chief Smoker also come equipped with four racks, so that the cook can smoke multiple cuts of meat at the same time. The smoking compartment can cook up to 25 pounds of meat. Many people love to cook large roast of meat, such as turkeys, but on this model, it’s best to stick to multiple pieces of smaller cuts of meat. For example, one rack could be for beef, one rack for pork, etc. Or, a person could smoke several racks of fish, especially if they’ve had a great catch from a day of fishing that day.

The Little Chief Smoker lends itself to other creative smoking ideas as well. Many people love to smoke their own jerky. If you’ve ever bought jerky at a retail store, then you know how expensive that it can be for just a little bit of meat. Many people enjoy gourmet flavors of jerky, but it’s so expensive! But with the Little Chief Smoker, a person can create their own gourmet jerky, of any variety, and as much of it as they wish. This makes the experience of smoking in this device worth it in of itself. Also, there are some people who smoke their own cheese. Smoked cheese wheels are usually only sold in gourmet grocery stores, so of course, they will have a gourmet price tag attached to it. But when a person buys the Little Chief Smoker, they can have lots of smoked cheeses for themselves, or to give away as gifts.

The price of the Little Chief Smoker is around $93.00. For around $50.00 more, it’s recommended that customers buy additional wood chips, and a specially designed insulation blanket that is created to complement the smoker. If you are a person who will be doing your fair share of smoking, then it would probably be best that you buy as much wood chips as possible, especially if you want to make sure that you are buying wood chips that have already been shown to complement the structure and the design of the smoker.

Many customers rave about this product. They swear by the manufacturer and the Little Chief Smoker. They say that their smoker has been part of their family for 10 years, 15 years, and in some cases, even more years. They love the front load design, and they love the fact that the slow smoking allows them to do other things besides babysit their food. They are quick to point out to the new smokers out there, that this is a smoker, and not a cooker or a grill. A cooker and a grill prepares food at much higher speeds. This smoker is for the person who doesn’t mind putting in hours to cook their meat. Then again, they already know just how good the meat is going to turn out, so they feel that it’s worth the wait.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a great new innovation on an old but trusted friend, the outdoor smoker. An outdoor smoker works by heating up moist wood chips, and slow cooking meat by way of smoking it. How this works, is that the meat is placed on a rack inside of an elongated canister. That canister is made out of tin or aluminum. At the bottom of the canister is a compartment for heating up either charcoal, or the wood chips. The heat then instead of burning up the wood, creates smoke. This hot smoke is not only what cooks the meat, but it also imparts a wickedly delicious flavor and tenderness to the meat which is just what you want in an electric smoker.

In the past, an electric smoker either created its heat by way of charcoal bricks, or by propane gas tanks. The Old Smokey Electric Smoker, as its name implies, uses electricity. The electric smoker works by heating an electric coil, much like the coil that would be used in the bottom of an electric oven. The temperature is set, and then the moist chips give off their smoke. Many people love the electric smoker option, because they feel that it simplifies the smoking process. For example, with propane gas smokers, one always has to check to make sure that there is actually a flame continuing to burn for the smoker, and that gas isn’t being wasted. They also have to regulate the flame that the gas gives off.

With regards to the charcoal smokers, the charcoal bricks can burn up, so more charcoal has to be added. This will cause irregularities in the cooking temperature and time. Not only will there not be enough heat to cook the meat, but every time that the smoker is opened, heat escapes, and that in turn will make the canister lose heat. The other problem that can come with charcoal burning canisters, is like with propane burning canisters, one has to monitor the flame. Too much flame will cause scorching, and can even melt the canister. Too little flame won’t create the heat and the smoke that the meat requires. But with an electric heat producing smoker, the heat and the temperature can be regulated much better. The only thing that will have to be monitored, is that the chips are still moist, and that they haven’t dried out. This is a consideration, since electric coils produce dry heat. Having said this, many people report that they have to open the canister for monitoring a lot less than they would using other types of smokers, besides the Old Smokey Electric Smoker. One of the main reasons is because the design of the lid is what keeps the wood chips moist. The wood chips in this design require no water to keep them moist. The heat and the steam of the meat gets recycled by the lid, and the chips stay moist in this way.

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker also features a five foot cord. Many people feel that they need to add an extension cord, so that they can move the smoker away from their homes as far as possible. It also comes with two racks, and a drip pan. It comes with its own pack of wooden chips and with carrying handles. The design of this smoker is for someone who wants that deep smoky taste, but without all of the fuss and the hassle. Instead of having to stand by the smoker, and obsessing over the minute details, the cook can enjoy their guest, or do pretty much anything that they wish while the meat practically self cooks in this smoker.

The price is very reasonable. This is a price that is more than the old fashioned smokers, but is less than some smokers that range up to $200.00. It is very easy to use, and even the most inexperienced smoker can wrap their minds around the instructions, and come up with a masterpiece to feast upon, and to enjoy. One thing that many previous customers have suggested, is to buy the thermometer. The thermometer doesn’t come with it, but it will be extremely useful for controlling your heat, and to make sure that your meat is at a safe temperature to eat. It is also recommended that the customer of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker buy a good book regarding smoking, and smoking recipes. Such book titles are suggested online.

This is truly a wonderful investment for the person who doesn’t want the fuss of obsessing about their food when they are smoking it. It comes in handy for a variety of occasions and reasons. For example, a family could take care of their cooking for at least a few days. They could put multiple cuts of meat on the rack, smoke it, and then they could have meals taken care of for a few days. Or, a family could smoke a couple of large pieces of meat. The meat could be served as a roast, and then sandwiches, and then bits for salads and soup. Instead of having to spend money for all of these meals, these main dishes could be created simplistically, and economically in the Old Smokey Electric Smoker.

Although the temperature needs to be checked when cooking, the electric coil features of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker allows for a pretty stable cooking experience. This comes in handy for all times of year. It’s easy to maintain heat in the summer. But the winter winds can bring down the canister heat. This is why it’s great for this smoker to have electrical heating coils on the inside. Cold winds won’t cause the temperature to drop in the canister, because the electric coil heat is set manually, and will stay stable.

One more great feature about the Old Smokey Electric Smoker, is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to assemble it. The instructions are included, and the assembly is very easy. If you are looking for a smoker that makes life easier for you, or for someone who is just starting the smoking experience, then this is certainly an electric smoker brand that should be on your list.

Best Electric Smoker

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Since antiquity, smoking has been one of the favorite cooking methods. In fact, smoking was the prototype preservation method for animal and fish products. Today, the technological advancement has led to the production of state-of-the-art smoking appliances and at the center of all these is Smokey Mountain Smoker: Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, Dyna Glo Smoker, Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker, Masterbuilt Propane Smoker, Cajun Injector Electric Smoker, Bradley Electric Smoker, Old Smokey Electric Smoker, Little Chief Smoker

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Quality Smoker

Most people think that once branded Smokey Mountain, any such smoker will perform the intended functions reliably, effectively and without compromise. This is very wrong as these kitchen appliances come in many different designs, sizes and other specifications. There several factors to take into account including the following:

Smokey Mountain Smoker

1. The Capacity of the smoker

Smokey mountain smokers come in a variety of sizes. The manufactures of these gadgets knew that people have various needs depending on the sizes of their families. Obviously the larger your family is the more capacious should be the smoker you choose to purchase.

Besides your family needs, the size should be determined by how you intend to use your smoker and your lifestyle. If you are a frequent traveler or you only intend to use the smoker outdoors, then you may want to go for a smaller compact size. The reverse is also true. Just go for the size that fits your individual smoking needs.

The kind of food you need to smoke also matter. For example, if you need to cook a whole turkey and a ham, both at the same time, you may need a Smokey mountain smoker that is about 19 inches wide or in diameter. Consider your usual menu and your choice on the most common foods you need to cook in the smoker.

2. The design of the smoker

There is a battery of Smokey mountain designs depending on the brand. While each person has his or her own taste and preferences, the kind of smoker design you choose should also depend functionality. You need to purchase something that matches your other kitchen appliances in terms of quality, construction and color.

Besides, you need to consider stability. In most cases, Smokey Mountain Smokers are used outdoors in ragged and not so straight surfaces as would be with kitchen countertops. There is nothing as embarrassing as losing your deliciously smoked meal simply because of your smoker has a design flaw such as instability.

The design should also make it easy to operate and maintain. It should have hinged doors that fit tightly and easily. It should provide easy access to water pan as well as the charcoal basket if it uses such fuel. To make handling easy, a good smoke’s handles should be able to fold seamlessly for easy storage and transportation.

3. Functionality of the smoker

It is not strange to buy a product and then it fails to work on the very first time you switch it on. This is why you need to take your time to look at the features and specifications of the smoker before you can decide to purchase it. First, you need to consider the type of fuel the smoker uses. The fuel types include charcoal, gas and electricity.

If you intend to use your smoker outdoors, then it may be wise to choose that supplied by charcoal because it may be difficult to find gas or electricity at most outdoor venues. However, if you intend to use it at home in your kitchen then you that supplied by either electricity or gas would do. By far, the best choice of fuel favored by many people is charcoal.

A quality Smokey mountain smoker should also provide you with more than one cooking options. The most important cooking options include wet, dry as well as grill. Most popular brands produce smokers with capability to provide all the three cooking option but you can also find one with just a single or double cooking options depending on your needs.

4. Smoker Controls

For a Smokey Mountain smoker to work seamlessly, there are several controls it must possess. It should have temperature gauge somewhere visible such as the grill lid, digital time control, multiple vents for good temperature control, temperature eyelets to provide easy access incase you want to insert thermometer probe as well as other important features.

Before you decide to purchase the smoker, you have to try as much as possible to see that all the controls are working well. This may be difficult if you are purchasing your appliance online but most sellers ensure that the products they store work well before they can be shipped to the consumers. You do not have that problem if you will do your purchase from a local store.

5. Durability

A great Smokey Mountain Smoker should be able serve you as long as you are able to use it. You should find one made from material that can withstand the heat and corrosive influence from the chemicals producing when food squeak as they cook. Most state of the art smokers are made of porcelain-enamel steel or other material with and nickel coated interior. If you know someone who has been using such appliances before, then you can consult him or her for advice.

6. Price of the smoker

I guess nobody can purchase what he or she cannot afford. The amount of money you have will decide what kind of Smokey mountain charcoal or gas smoker. One fact is that quality products are always more expensive than those of law quality. However, you can also get a good stuff at competitive prices if you take advantage of promotions and coupons offered by the manufactures and the retailers.

You may also save some money if you purchase your smoker online. In this case, you will need to carry out some research online to compare prices. Choose brands that have longer warranty period. 10 year guarantee; for example, is not badly off.


My wish is that the above-discussed tips will help you arrive at the best Smokey Mountain Smoker for your wet and dry cooking needs. Consider them when setting out to purchase this appliance and be sure to get a smoker that will not only produce excellent meals but also serve you for longer periods.

Best Coffee Maker Reviews

Best Coffee Maker Reviews
To Make The Best Coffee You Need The Right Machine For The Job

If you are reading this then chances are you are in the midst of searching for a coffee maker of some kind and quite possibly more than a little confused by the sheer range of what is available. Be reassured – you are not alone!  The choice really is quite staggering and you can pay anywhere from $20 to over $3,000 on your chosen coffee machine, so you do need to make sure that you are getting what you actually want before parting with your money.

First and foremost be realistic about what you need. Do you drink coffee every day, do you like espresso, are you a bit of a fanatic? Or do you really just want a fairly decent cup of coffee a couple of times a week?

Once you start browsing for these things it is quite easy to get sucked into believing that you need a super-duper all singing, all dancing, fully automatic, blindingly shiny contraption on your countertop. For some people this is exactly what they are after, but for most people it is not necessary and a more modest model will fulfill their needs more than adequately. Whatever your needs, doing adequate research beforehand will ensure your money is well spent.

The coffee maker has certainly become a very popular kitchen gadget over the last few years. Ok, so it may not be exactly an essential item but these days most families own an array of kitchen gadgets which could easily be classed as luxury items if we are truthful. If you really love your espresso, latte or cappuccino as opposed to simply needing something to wake you up in the mornings then a decent coffee maker is a highly desirable item. If you like good coffee you are not going to be happy with a kettle and a jar of instant!

Having a good coffee maker in your kitchen means that you can enjoy a high quality brew with breakfast or at any time of day you choose, and it will cost you a lot less than numerous visits to your favorite coffee house.

Where to Start?

As already mentioned, like most things you can pay very little or quite a lot for a coffee maker. There are many mid priced machines which will give you a decent cup of Joe and for a good proportion of coffee drinkers this will be enough. However if you want great as opposed to good, are an espresso fanatic, or you want to have different types of coffee available on tap, the investment in a top notch model is more than worth it. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a barista you owe it to yourself to get the best machine you can afford. Select one which has a learning curve so that you can hone your skills!
For couples who drink several cups per day spending a few hundred dollars on the best coffee maker will actually prove to be sound financial investment. Long term it will be far cheaper than a Starbucks habit!

Coffee makers have seen a huge surge in popularity in the last couple of years and if the trend continues it seems most kitchens will have one. Manufacturers have responded to this increased consumer demand and there is now a quite incredible array of models to choose from. Of course this can present a bit of a problem in that unless you know precisely what you want you are going to be faced with a potentially overwhelming variety to choose from.

The type of coffee maker which is the best one for you will depend on a number of factors including

how many cups will you want at a time?
how often will the machine be used?
what type of coffee do you prefer ?
do you want to be able to make a wide range of different coffees
how much space do you have available
what is your budget

Our Coffee Maker Reviews

Here on our homepage we have examples of various types of coffee machine with a brief overview of their features. On the right of this page you will find links to more in depth reviews of various models plus information on discounts which may be available from time to time. All of the models we feature here attract a high number of positive customer reviews.
We also have a number of articles on coffee related topics which we hope you will find useful. You can also sign up for our mailing list; we don’t have a regular newsletter at the moment but we will let you know about new products, discounts or other useful stuff. Emails will be occasional, we will not clog up your inbox!

So here we go with a few examples…..

The Single Cup Coffee Maker

There seems to be tons of these around now and a lot of them are quite good. This is one of the most popular – the Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System.

This machine is simplicity itself using K-Cups so there is no grinding involved and no cleaning required afterwards. You can make tea, coffee or cocoa in minutes and there are three size options. The reservoir is large enough to produce eight cups before it need refilling. If you want a good cup of coffee with almost zero effort this is a great little machine.

Smaller Espresso Makers

A lot of people love to drink espresso but a significant number of them don’t want to go to the trouble of making it in the traditional way. The answer is to get a machine which does it all for you automatically. If you are looking for something small the Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother  is worth looking at. There is also a cheaper version without the milk frother. To froth or not to froth, the choice is yours.

This machine is very popular and gets a ton of good reviews. It does the job well and is small enough for any kitchen countertop. It looks extremely stylish and comes in no less than five colors – fire engine red, limousine black, silver chrome, black and white. The machine features a unique extraction system designed for coffee capsules which together with an 19 bar pump ensures that you get a perfect espresso every time. It also means you can enjoy your coffee and not have any mess to clear up afterwards. It also has a built in aeroccino which allows you to produce all sorts of milk based drinks. In short it performs as well as many of the larger, more expensive machines. So if you want coffee house standard shots but don’t have a lot of free kitchen space this type may be best for you.
At the time of writing this particular model has no less than 113 full five star reviews at Amazon and these are definitely worth a read if you are considering this machine.

Pour Over Coffee Makers

If you are a ‘coffee all day long’ sort of person you are going to want a machine that produces quantity as well as quality. A good example of this type of machine is the Bunn Velocity Brew 10 Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer. Bunn are a well established name when it comes to coffee brewing and they have a reputation for great build quality. The model shown below will make up to ten cups of coffee and what’s more it will keep the coffee piping hot in the thermal carafe. There is no warming plate on this model as its not needed and keeping the coffee warm in the carafe means that the quality does not deteriorate.

Now if you are a real coffee enthusiast and only the best will do you are going to be looking at spending a fairly serious amount of money on you chosen coffee maker. There is a growing trend for producing commercial standard espresso shots at home and there are thousands of ‘home baristas’ out there who want a serious piece of kit!

Having something like the Breville BES900XL Semi Automatic Espresso Machine in your kitchen says that you are really serious about your coffee.

The first thing to note about this model is the price tag – its undoubtedly expensive. That being said, if you are having a Starbucks every day getting the Breville could actually save you money in the long run.

So why would you go for the Breville? Well first off it looks totally gorgeous – you have a little piece of Italy in your own kitchen. It makes truly great coffee and its easy to use.

This is a semi automatic machine. Its not a push one button and your coffee is ready machine. It is however easy to use and gives you a degree of influence over how you make your drinks. So far there are only a handful of reviews on Amazon for this model but they are all very positive and some are glowing. A couple go into a lot of detail and are extremely informative for anyone considering purchasing. They offer advice on getting the best out of the machine and avoiding the typical beginner pitfalls.

A Battery Powered Coffee Maker – Is It Worth Having One?

At first glance this may seem like quite unnecessary expenditure, after all you have a perfectly good mains operated coffee machine sitting right there on your kitchen countertop.
That being said what about all those times when you are away from home and want a great cup of Joe without having to find a coffee house or shell out several dollars for one drink? If you are staying away from home for more than a day or two the cost of this can mount up. Of course it would not always be convenient to take a battery operated coffee maker along with you but in some situations they are ideal.

Camping Coffee Makers

This is one area where these little machines can be worth their weight in gold, depending on your level of addiction to coffee!

A lot of couples and families enjoy getting away from it all and enjoying life in the great outdoors. Camping is great fun and it can be quite therapeutic to leave behind the trappings of our normal busy everyday lives.

However there are some things we really don’t want to leave behind if we can help it. We take good food with us for our trip but what about the coffee? The ability to have freshly brewed coffee, made to your own preferences, when you wake up in your tent or RV can only enhance you enjoyment of your vacation.

Power Hunt 12 Volt Coffee Maker

Coleman Coffee Maker For Camping

This is an example of one of the popular models of camping coffee maker available from Amazon. Its made by Coleman and is a drip coffee maker which will make around ten cups. With these machines you will have to wait a little longer for your coffee to brew, but on vacation that is not usually an issue. This machine gets some pretty good reviews.

Coleman Battery Camping Coffee Maker

No Batteries Required!
If you don’t want to rely on batteries then this coffee may be a good choice as it works on a standard propane canister. This one also brews up to ten cups and is quite quick for a non mains operated machine, brewing up in around fifteen minutes.

Coleman Portable Propane Coffee Maker

That is just a sample of what is available, Amazon do have several to choose from which are worth taking a look at. Coffee and camping go hand in hand, so its worth making the coffee decent!

Home Espresso And How To Buy An Espresso Machine

If you are mulling over the possibility of getting yourself an espresso machine the very first thing to do is to stop yourself dashing out to the store and buying one. This is not something to buy on impulse. Think about how to buy an espresso machine before actually parting with your cash!

Consider these things first –
how much space do you have for the machine
do you want only espresso?
would you prefer some variety in your drinks?
how much money do you want to spend?
do you really need an espresso machine or is it a passing fancy?
will you actually use the thing once you’ve got it?

If the answer to either of the last two questions is no then forget the machine, save your money, don’t bother with the rest of this page and go off and do something else…
If you are determined that you really, really want that shiny machine then here are some tips.

Don’t get carried away, just get a machine which suits your needs. If you want the top of the range great, go for it! If not there are some fantastic little espresso machines which won’t loom too large in your kitchen or on your bank balance.
Read the reviews – its obvious really, find out what other people’s experience is of the different machines.

Make sure you can send it back if its not up to standard. This is going to cost you a fair bit of money so you want back up. Amazon is great for this and also for getting feedback.

Smaller Home Espresso Machines

This is the Nespresso Essenza C91 manual espresso maker. Its very compact but has a 19 bar pressure pump and a thermoblock heating element so it performs very well. Like other compact espresso machines it uses a pod system so there is no mess and producing your espresso is quick and simple.
Reviews of this machine are very positive and at a price tag of around $130 on Amazon at the time of writing its an economical choice.

Here is a machine which people rave about – the Nespresso Citiz. Its a little more expensive than some compact machines and will cost around $250. However its extremely stylish and more importantly it produces very high quality espresso shots. It comes in a small range of colors all of which will look good in any kitchen. There is also a model with a frother although that one obviously runs a little more expensive.

For those looking for something which looks a bit more traditional the KMix espresso machine is a mid priced model which has a relatively compact footprint. It comes in a whole range of great colors so if you want the machine to blend in with your kitchen decor you should be able to get a suitable match.
Features include a swivel jet frother so you can make cappuccino as well as espresso with this model.
Retail price is over $400 but currently Amazon have this machine quite heavily discounted at around $300. Prices do change on Amazon so you would need to check whether this offer is still available.

This is the immensely popular Breville Barista Express. If you are looking for something a bit more ‘professional’ looking this is one to consider. The great thing about this machine is that it is suitable for both complete beginners and the more experienced. It gives you a choice between letting the machine do it all automatically or controlling the process yourself. Either way you get great espresso.

The breville Barista Express has its own integrated grinder which means that your ground coffee is as fresh as it can possibly be, every time you brew. This is a very important element of really great coffee.

Again the best prices on this machine are to be found at Amazon. From a retail price of $799 this is discounted to $599 at the current time – please check latest offers here.

Now this is a machine for those who take their coffee drinking pretty seriously! The price tag for this is around $1500 on Amazon and that is with a significant discount off the list price.
You are getting a lot for your money though – the Delonghi ESAM 3500 is absolutely packed with features. Firstly it makes every variety of coffee you could want, not just espresso. It is in the ‘super automatic’ class which means that it produces the drink of you choice pretty much at the touch of a button. The digital control panel allows you control over variables such as temperature, strength of coffee shut of time and so on. The ‘beans to brew’ system does everything right from the grinding of the beans to the finished cup of coffee.

What follows is not for the faint hearted……but it is for those who want a top of the range coffee machine which will produce professional standard drinks which leave the big coffee houses standing!

This is the Jura Impressa J9 One Touch Coffee Machine and it the last word in home espresso and coffee brewing! Although this machine will produce all sorts of drinks and allows for lots of variations it is completely intuitive and simple to use.

There is a large digital display screen on the front of the machine with a rotary selection function. all you do is choose your drink from the display and press the button. In no time and with no effort of your part you can be drinking a superb espresso, cappuccino, latté macchiato, hot milk – whatever takes your fancy.

Here are a sample of some of the features of the Jura Impressa J9
integrated cleaning, rinsing and descaling program
programmable brewing temperature
adjustable water hardness
steam frother
easy to read digital display
height adjustable coffee spout
energy saving mode
multi level conical grinder
thermoblock heating system

There is certainly a lot of choice available when it comes to home espresso making and even if you budget is relatively small you can get machines which produce great drinks and create next to no mess. It a matter of deciding what category of espresso machine you really want/need first and foremost.

Nespresso Coffee Machine – Descaling Made Easy

One of the difficulties some users have found with their Nespresso coffee machine is the descaling process. Not that descaling a Nespresso Coffee machine is in itself difficult, it isn’t.
The problem lies in the fact that the user manual does not have very user friendly instructions! One user who found this to be the case very kindly produced a short video to help others who had experienced the same problems. Its easy to follow and explains exactly what you have to do.
Here it is – hope it helps!

Best Espresso Grinder – Why The Grinder Is So Important In Espresso

Grind quality is one of the most important factors in brewing espresso. If you are using fresh coffee beans rather than grounds ( and you should be) and grinding them yourself at home then you need to put some thought into the type of grinder you opt for.
The bottom line here is that if you want to make great espresso shots you need a grinder which will grind the beans the way they need to be for espresso. No matter how great your coffee machine is you will never produce satisfactory espresso if you beans are not correctly ground.

Why Is The Coffee Grinder So Important?

The process of brewing espresso is different to brewing ordinary coffee and need to be far more exact in how it is done. Espresso is brewed at a high pressure in a short time which means that if the grounds are not of the right consistency then the extraction will be adversely affected.
If you ask any expert barista about how they produce great shots of espresso time after time they will all tell you the same things. They will tell you that having a quality grinder which grinds the beans to exactly the right consistency is right up there with using only the best freshly roasted coffee beans and good water.

What Type of Grinder Should I Get?

In general a manual grinder is not the best choice when it comes to espresso. Manuals take too long to complete the grinding process and all this time your beans will be losing their freshness. Also most manuals don’t have the ability to grind consistently enough for espresso. Of course there are some really good manual grinders around but as a general rule they are not the best choice for the job.

Different Coffee Grinder Features

Stepped or Stepless

This is all about the changes in particle size of the grind as you go through the process.  A stepped grinder has settings which you change as you grind. A stepless grinder has no distinct settings which means that, in theory at least, you can get variations down to as little as ten microns.

Conical or Flat Burr Grinders

Either of these types will do a good job of grinding your coffee beans the right way for espresso. The conical burr grinder is a popular choice as they do not produce as much heat as a flat burr which helps to keep the beans in good condition. This is due to the conical burr having a larger surface area and spinning more slowly.

Best Single Serve Coffee Makers – The Ultimate in Convenience

One of the kitchen gadgets to see the biggest surge in popularity in recent years are single serve coffee makers. Its easy to see why they appeal to so many people.

Firstly they usually have a relatively small footprint and will not dominate your counter space. They can sit in a corner when not required. Most are very simple to operate and the whole process of brewing the coffee is automated. Many of these machines use a pod or capsule system which is the ultimate in convenience and there is virtually no cleaning up to do afterwards. Perfect for busy mornings when you are rushing off to work but want a decent cup of coffee before you go.

So Which Are The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers?

Well there are dozens of these things to choose from and, to state the obvious, some are better than others. Primarily it comes down to what type of drinks you want it to make and your budget.
Below we have listed models which have good reviews. Many will have good discounts running which change periodically.

DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio Coffee maker

Reviews of the Dolce Gusto are very positive. Users like the fact that the machine makes a wide range of drinks using a pod system. You can customise the strength of your drinks to suit individual tastes.
There is no need for pre heating thanks to the thermo block heating system and with a 15 bar pressure this model does an excellent job of extracting the full flavour from the coffee grounds. Despite packing a great punch the unit is very compact and space saving. Nice sleek design makes it look good in any kitchen. All this plus a reasonable price tag makes this one for your shortlist.

CBTL Kaldi Single-Cup Brewer

If you are looking for a machine which takes up very little space yet will provide you wit delicious espresso or cappuccino the Kaldi Single Cup Brewer may be a good choice. One press of a button gives you a perfectly brewed drink.
If you like a cup of tea the Kaldi can serve that up for you as well! This is a pod machine so its very convenient – no fuss and no mess and, if reviews are to be believed, great coffee.

Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker

This is a great little machine which produces an espresso to satisfy the most discerning enthusiast. It uses hermetically sealed pods to keep the coffee grounds fresh right up to the point of them being soaked – very important if you want to end up with smooth shot and rich crema.
The styling of the Nespresso Citiz is retro yet ultra-modern. It comes in great colors and will look smart whatever your kitchen design.

Nespresso D90 Essenza Single-Serve Manual Espresso Machine

This is a 1200 watt single serve espresso machine which uses a specially designed extraction system for coffee pods. A 18 bar pump ensures that your drink is smooth and aromatic and has a golden crema.
The thermablock heating brings the water temperature to 187 degrees and 196 degrees during extraction. In addition it empties the water after each use so that it is fresh for the next brew.

The machine is very compact making it ideal for smaller kitchens. In fact you could easily take it on vacation with you so that you don’t have to miss out on your daily shots.

Is Coffee Bad For You ? – Pros and Cons Of Coffee

It is a question which is asked frequently – “Is coffee bad for you,”. It is a perfectly legitimate question given the amount of coffee which we consume these days. Unfortunately quite a lot of people seem to assume that it is without actually knowing why. They will immediately point out the negative side effects which they may have heard of without bothering to do any research.

There are a number of myths surrounding the effects of coffee drinking but the truth is that it coffee can be both good and bad for you, it simply depends upon the circumstances, the amount of coffee you drink and your overall health. Is coffee bad for you if your intake is excessive? Well quite probably but then again that is true of a great many things we consume. So let’s look at the facts.

The Good Effects of Coffee

It may come as surprise but coffee does actually posses some positive characteristics and can be good for you. Did you know for example that just one cup of coffee can contain as much as the following –

11% of your daily vitamin B2 requirement
3% of your daily Potassium
3% of your daily manganese
up to 6% of your daily Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5.)

Coffee Can Be Good For Your Heart!

Studies have found that if you drink coffee in moderation, i.e. up to three cups per day, it can reduce your risk of suffering a stroke. This is due to the antioxidants present in coffee which are thought to reduce inflammation of the arteries. Coffee is actually quite high in antioxodants, containing more per serving that blueberries, which comes as a surprise to most people. In fact in the American diet today coffee is the largest single source of antioxodants.

Coffee and Diabetes

Studies of coffee have also shown that coffee can greatly reduce the risk of type two Diabetes, especially in women between the ages of 18-40. Some studies have proven that it reduces risk of diabetes by up to a staggering 50%. Given the huge rise in the incidence of this disease in the western world in recent years this is an important factor to be researched.

The drink is also shown to reduce the effects of Parkinson’s disease in men and women who have not undergone hormonal replacement therapy.

Coffee And Your Liver

Drinking coffee can also reduce the risk of liver disease and help to prevent cirrhosis in those who drink alcohol. In fact, only one cup per day can greatly increase the health and function of your liver. This is an area in which more research is needed but indications are that a couple of cups a day may reduce your chances of developing cancer of the liver by over 40%.

Colorectal Cancer

Some studies have indicated that consuming coffee may significantly reduce a person’s risk of developing colorectal cancer. This is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world.

Coffee provides alertness and stimulates the brain so that you can enjoy greater levels of concentration and wakefulness, a little known fact is that it also increases mental processing and can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease when taken in large quantities (about 5 cups per day).

Coffee Can Ward Off Your Headaches!

Quite how coffee manages this is not at all clear but it may be connected to the way caffeine makes the brain cells more active leading to a constriction of the surrounding blood vessels. This may lessen the pressure which is causing the pain. Whatever the reason behind it a cup of freshly brewed coffee is likely to relieve your symptoms.

Negative Effects of Coffee

There are a number of perceived negative effects of coffee drinking namely –


Coffee raises the blood pressure because caffeine can cause the heart to beat more quickly. However, in an experienced coffee drinker, this will be no more than one or two points of your blood pressure. Regular coffee drinkers will likely never notice the effects. Coffee can be a cause of hypertension, however; the risk is very minimal. It would seem prudent for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure to be moderate in the amount of coffee they consume and to seek advice from their doctor on the matter.


Caffeine, which is present in coffee in large doses, does limit the body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D. It is also true that it leeches calcium from your bones and digestive track, drawing it out through the urinary system. This process can go on for as long as three hours after orally drinking caffeine. Because both vitamin D and calcium affect bone density and strength, regularly drinking coffee without replacing the calcium may increase the risk of osteoporosis. However studies on this are not conclusive.
Also a simple cup of milk with added vitamin D is more than enough to replace these nutrients.
Again it may be sensible for post menopausal women not to drink excessive amounts of coffee.

Interfering With The Absorption of Vitamin And Minerals

Coffee also negatively affects the way your body absorbs vitamins and minerals. However; simply increasing the amount of green tea or fresh fruit in your diet can eliminate this problem.

The drink can also increase your risks of dehydration due to the fact that it contains chemicals that increase urination. If you do not drink plenty of water with your coffee, you could quickly find yourself suffering from dehydration.

Is Coffee Bad For You If Its Unfiltered?

Due to levels of diterpenes cafestol and kahweol in unfiltered or poorly filtered coffee; the drink can also minimally increase the risk of coronary heart disease. These chemicals also increase both cholesterol and plasma homocysteine which are both strong factors in the increased risk of heart disease. However; properly filtered coffee and exercise can reduce these risks to almost null.

So Is Coffee Bad for You – What Conclusions Can We Draw?

The main conclusion we can draw from this is that the question ‘ Is coffee bad for you’ cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Coffee can be good or bad depending upon the situation. In some cases, coffee can cause harmful effects such as hypertension, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and even an increased risk of miscarriage.

However; coffee can also be a very healthy and nutritional addition to your day and can reduce the risk of liver stones, gall stones, kidney stones, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

In some cases, you should not drink coffee or you should limit your coffee intake. For example, if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant or nursing, do not get enough calcium or vitamin D or have a history of heart problems than you should probably limit your caffeine intake to 300mg per day. Try to remember that if you take any medication or pills, chances are they already contain a minimum of 300mg of caffeine.

It can sometimes be said that coffee can increase the risk of weight gain. However; on its own, coffee will do no such thing. If you are worried about your weight or have diabetes, black coffee has a very low calorie count. Drinking coffee black is also the healthiest and most nutritious way to enjoy the beverage.

High quality, freshly ground beans are another great way to add benefit to your coffee. Did you know coffee beans begin to lose not only flavor and aroma but vitamin content only fifteen minutes after being ground?

Another consideration is your coffee filter. A cheap paper filter can not only change the taste of your coffee but doesn’t work as well as a more expensive metal or even plastic filter. Filtering your coffee will remove harmful chemicals such as diterpenes. Best of all, a metal filter can be re-used which means that with just a bit of washing, it can eventually be cheaper than purchasing paper filters.

Remember, coffee can be a good thing but as with anything, good things are better in moderation. If you aren’t sure what amounts of caffeine are best for you then you might want to consider asking your doctor. If you are a normal, healthy person and get plenty of exercise you should be able to drink as much coffee as you want. If you have other problems or risks, you might want to consider limiting your intake to one or two cups of coffee per day.

Five Ways To make Bad Coffee!

It’s easy to make a good pot of coffee; you just have to follow the instructions and use good quality coffee with good technique and corrrect quantities of beans. Whether you’ve decided you want to make bad coffee to get revenge on someone who served you a particularly bad cup or (more likely) so you can learn to avoid the mistakes that go into a bad pot of coffee, this article will tell you how.

1. Use Refrigerated or Frozen Beans

Many people refrigerate or freeze their coffee or coffee beans in order to preserve the life of the beans. However; freezing and refrigerating, when not done properly, can damage your coffee. Heat and cold can reduce the flavor of the coffee and the moisture exposure inside of a freezer or refrigerator can cause your beans to become soggy. Yuck!

2. Leave Your Coffee On The Warming Plate

Did you know that the longer you continuously heat coffee, the more it loses and changes flavor. Leaving your coffee on the plate all day could cause the delicious aroma of coffee to turn into the particularly non- delicious aroma of burnt beans.

3. Re-Use Your Grounds

Nothing saves your money quite as much as using the same coffee grounds for more than one cup of coffee. But re-using your coffee grounds can add other effects too. After being heated by boiling water, coffee grounds lose their warm aroma and take on the unpleasant, acrid and bitter aroma of uncooked nuts.

4. Use Stale Coffee

Did you know that even freshly ground coffee beans begin to go stale after only 15 minutes! Serving stale coffee is easy. All you have to do is get the coffee grounds out a few hours in advance or just store them in a container that isn’t air tight. How simple is that! Stale coffee will have a flat and sometimes bitter taste that can easily prove to be the worst cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

5. Purchase or Make the Wrong Grind

What kind of coffee maker do you have? French Press, an espresso maker or normal coffee machine? As you probably know, each coffee maker should use its own grind of coffee. Espresso should have relatively large grind, normal coffee maker should have medium grind and a French press should use finely ground coffee. Try to mix and match to see what the effects will be! In most cases, an espresso made with fine ground coffee can be a bit grainy (definitely bad), normal coffee will be a little weak and your large grain French press coffee will be watery.

Now that you know the five ways to make bad coffee, you also know how to avoid making bad coffee. Unless of course you want to deliberately make bad coffee. Remember, keeping your beans fresh, using the right grind and using proper storing methods for your coffee can make all of the difference in whether you are making a good or bad cup of coffee.

How to Store Coffee Beans

Fresh coffee beans make the best (and healthiest) coffee. However; fresh beans have been puzzling coffee lovers for centuries with one question. “How to store coffee beans?” There are several different methods of storing coffee beans and most of them claim that their way is the best. Zip lock bags, tins, in the freezer, in valve bags or any of another hundred ways you can store beans.

How Not To Store Your Coffee Beans  

Coffee beans should be kept safe from light, moisture, air and heat. In other words; they should not be kept above the stove where they will be exposed to moisture, air flow and heat rising up from the stove.
Air will quickly make your coffee beans stale, moisture will cause them to mold and mildew, and heat and light can cause two things. Germination of the beans and loss of flavor, since neither of these are anything you want for your beans, try keeping them in a cool dark place instead.

What Containers to Use 

Whether purchasing your coffee beans in small or large quantities you will have to consider a few basic needs for your coffee bean containers. The containers should be air tight, easy to store and should be either light proof or stored in a dark place.

Good examples include air tight canisters or cans with sealed bags inside. However; you can also consider wrapping small portions of coffee beans in plastic wrap and storing them inside of a larger plastic bag. Just make sure you put the sealed bags in a nice dark place while you are storing them.
Ceramic jars with rubber seals are often considered the optimal storage place for coffee beans because they prevent moisture, light and in most cases, the ceramic will stay an even temperature even during kitchen temperature changes. This means you can easily leave your coffee beans out on the counter next to your coffee grinder.

How Long Can I Store Coffee Beans ?

Coffee beans are best when fresh. While it is highly possible to store coffee beans for several months (especially if you use the freezer), they will lose taste and nutrients as they grow older. Freezing coffee beans will also change the flavor so it’s not really recommended.

In most cases, it’s usually the best for your coffee if you purchase it in ½ -1 lb. portions and simply store it in one or two containers on your countertop. If you prefer to purchase more coffee at once, you can freeze it, store it in sealed plastic and remember to use it within a few months.  However; once frozen and thawed, you should either use your coffee beans or throw them away. They cannot be re-frozen.

Coffee has the absolute best flavor within one month of being roasted. Using your coffee within 1-2 weeks of purchase is the best method for preserving the flavor and aroma of your coffee beans.
There are many ceramic and plastic jars made specifically to store coffee beans. These will vary in expense and size but are generally the best option for storing your coffee. If you are still worried about the freshness of your coffee, try storing it in a sealable bag inside of the coffee.

How To Clean A Coffee Maker In Ten Easy Steps

A clean coffee maker is important. Over time oils and chemicals from your coffee will build up on the inside of your coffee maker and become rancid. Yuk! This can affect the taste of your coffee so that it is more bitter and can even be unhealthy. Cleaning a coffee maker with vinegar or other common household substance can also prevent harmful buildup such as scaling, rust and etc. that will shorten the life of your coffee maker if left unchecked. Knowing how to clean a coffee maker is therefore very important. Thankfully its also pretty simple.

Cleaning A Coffee Maker With Vinegar, Citric Acid  or Specialist Cleaner

1.   You will need white vinegar, citric acid or coffee maker cleaner designed for your coffee maker. On average, the vinegar is the cheapest and most accessible cleaner. You will need:

a.       One Part White Vinegar – 2 Parts Water
b.      1 oz. Citric Acid dissolved in 4 cups hot water + 4 cups cold water
c.       Instructions on Cleaner

*If you have never cleaned your coffee pot, you might want to consider making the mixture slightly stronger.

2.   Check to make sure that the coffee pot is clean of used filters and coffee grounds. Fill your coffee pot with the cleaning mixture and pour into the water carafe. Place a clean filter in the coffee pot. Turn your coffee pot on and run normally with the cleaning mixture. Turn your pot off and wait for ten minutes.

3.  When your cleaning mixture has cooled, repeat the process. You should be careful pouring the water into the carafe as it will probably still be hot. If you have never cleaned the coffee maker you can consider running the mixture through again. Throw away the filter that you used with the cleaning mixture.

4.  After allowing the coffee pot to cool; pour out the cleaning mixture. Run cold water through the coffee maker with a clean filter.  Wait ten minutes and replace the water. You should repeat this process a few times to ensure the smell and taste of vinegar have been filtered out of your coffee maker.

5.   Use a mild dishwashing soap to wash the coffee pot and the filter by hand. Alternatively you can use your dishwasher. However; if you have any scaling or buildup on your coffee pot; hand washing will be more effective.

6.  Remember to avoid using cleaning ingredients such as baking soda or powder. These will begin oxidation in your coffee maker which can cause rust and scaling. They can ruin your coffee maker.

7.  Never use cold water in a hot pot as this could cause the glass to shatter

8.  If you have to dissolve dried or baked on coffee, try spraying it with bleach.  However; remember to keep bleach away from vinegar or other cleaning solutions. Mixing chemicals can create dangerous fumes

9.  Pure vinegar can be sprayed on the outside of your coffee pot to remove oils, stains and other dirt. Remember to rinse your coffeepot after word to remove the smell.

10. Repeat this process every 2-3 months to keep your coffee maker in prime condition.

If your coffee maker is full of scale (lime buildup) you should use a stronger vinegar solution and run it through a minimum of 4-5 times. The acidity in the vinegar will dissolve the scale, however the process can take anything up to five hours.

Knowing how to clean a coffee maker isn’t exactly rocket science but is vital to how your machine performs. Cleaning a coffee maker with vinegar is the cheapest and easiest way and is the preferred method for most people.

Using A French Press The Right Way – Getting Your Perfect Brew

The French Press has been popular in both Australia and Europe for generations. Today, they are achieving popularity throughout the U.S. for producing high quality coffee. French Press coffee makers actually date back to the early 1800’s when they were first introduced in France. However; at the time, filtering technology was so poor that each cup contained a heart dose of sludge. By the 1930’s steel filters were being used to reduce sludge and increase coffee aroma and flavor and the French Press began selling in popular stores.

The Best Coffee Beans For Your French Press  

You want your coffee beans to be perfect. If you use to small of a grind, your coffee will be filled with sludge and the press will be difficult to push down. If you are grinding your own coffee use a good quality grinder and grind large. If you are purchasing coffee beans, purchase large grind.
A finer grind of coffee can be used in the French Press, however; the finer the grind the harder it will be to press the coffee. A finer grind will also create more sludge and sediment in the bottom of your cup.

Second; the age of your coffee beans matters. Did you know that coffee beans begin to loose taste and flavor only fifteen minutes after being ground? If you are grinding your own beans make sure you grind them only a few minutes before actual use.

Coffee beans have the most flavor within 2 – 3 weeks of being roasted. Purchasing newly roasted beans will of course add more flavor and depth to your coffee. However; the newer the beans, the more Co2 they contain and the more Bloom they will produce. Bloom can make it somewhat difficult for a beginner to use a French Press.


Your filter is important. Not only does it determine the amount of sludge you will have in your eventual pot of coffee but it determines the flavor as well. For a French Press you should aim for a steel or nylon filter.

Steel filters are perfect for well ground large ground coffee that is about uniform in size. If you have poorly ground coffee (such as very cheap or that you ground yourself with a cheap grinder) you should consider using a nylon filter. The nylon will eliminate much of the sludge that will filter into your coffee.

How To Use A French Press In Easy Steps

·        Measure the amount of water you will need for your brew. You should make enough so that you can drink it within 10 minutes or so.

·        Bring the water to a boil and allow it to cool for 1-2 minutes. The coffee should be between 190-205 degrees. Alternatively you can use an electric kettle and set the desired temperature.

·        Remove the lid and plunger from the French Press.

·        Measure your coffee grounds into the bottom of your French Press.

·        Slowly pour the hot water into your coffee pot. Be careful as the water is scalding.

·        Carefully stir the pot one or two times with a chopstick or etc. This will cause the grinds to sink to the bottom. For more bloom, stir slightly longer.

·        Replace the lid and the plunger but do not press. The plunger should be depressed no more than two inches.

·        Depending on whether you are making a small or large pot of coffee you should allow your coffee to steep for 2-4 minutes. If you want extra strong coffee you can increase the steep time by a minute or two.

·        Slowly depress your plunger. You should be very careful and press very slowly. Moving too quickly can allow coffee grounds to escape from your filter and into your coffee. Excessive force can even be dangerous because it can cause hot liquid to shoot out of the pot!

·        In most cases, your press will have a lot of resistance; however; if you move slowly and carefully you should be able to easily press the plunger down.

·        Allow your coffee to sit for thirty seconds to a minute. This allows sediment to settle to the bottom.

·        Leave the lid on the pot and slowly pour your coffee. Remember that your French press will most likely have some sediment at the bottom of the pot and pouring slowly will help to avoid this.

·        Allow your cup of coffee to sit for 1-2 minutes and enjoy!

Considerations When Using A French Press  

French press coffee is best within ten minutes of being made. It is not advisable to store coffee in the French press. Not even if you leave the coffee filter depressed so that the brew can continue to steep. If you wish to make coffee to use later you should store it in a Thermos.

After you have practiced making coffee with a French Press, it is relatively simple to increase the foam or ‘Bloom’ by either stirring the coffee 5-7 times with a chopstick or spoon before pressing or to use beans that have been roasted only 1-2 days in advance. However; bloom makes it more difficult to press your beans.

Always measure your pot before you use it. You should know exactly how much water you need for one cup of coffee or for the whole pot. This is because if you end up making coffee in a hurry you don’t want to overflow the pot or make slightly too much coffee for your coffee beans.

A good ratio of coffee grounds to boiling water is about 1 rounded tablespoon of grounds per cup of coffee (about 5. Oz). You can adjust to your own tastes in order to create your perfect cup of coffee.
You should always remember to wash your French Press after every use. Pressing your coffee removes oils from the coffee that will then stain the glass on the inside of the press. Keeping it clean protects your health and the flavor of your coffee.

The larger your French Press is, the harder it is to use. If you are using a large press for the first time; remember to use extra caution to avoid scalding yourself.

Finally; enjoy your coffee and your French Press!  

Red Coffee Makers For A Stylish Kitchen

Red is a color which is often associated with style and chic. This is certainly the case when it comes to coffee machines. Red coffee makers do look stylish and they certainly stand out on your kitchen work top. Is it true that the most popular choice for the finish on a coffee maker is stainless steel, particularly with the larger machines. People often perceive it as having a ‘professional’ look. But when you take a look at the red version of most coffee makers they do have a certain impact visually.
At the end of the day its all a matter of preference. So if you are fancying a nice shiny red coffee maker do you have a lot of choice available to you? The answer is a resounding yes, in fact there is a surprising number of models available in red. Whether you want a straightforward drip coffee machine, a single serve model, an espresso maker or a full blown automatic which makes the whole range of coffee drinks you will be able to find something which meets your requirements.

Mr. Coffee SKX26 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Red

This is the popular Mr Coffee 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. It has some useful features such as keeping the coffee hot for up to two hours after which it will shut off automatically.
If you can’t wait for brewing to finish a pause function allows you to pour a cup during brewing. There is a dual window which makes it very easy to see how much water is left in the reservoir and to refill accurately.

A basic drip coffee maker such as the one pictured above is the choice for a lot of people. They have the advantages of being relatively inexpensive plus they don’t take up a great deal of space. This does limit you to straightforward filter coffee only but that’s all a lot of people want anyway. Some models are programmable.
Red Single Serve Coffee Machines

Single serve coffee makers are now immensely popular. They are compact making them suitable for even the smallest of kitchens. This makes them a good choice for student accommodation. Manufacturers have come up with some top notch designs for these little machines and most of them are very pleasing to look at. On the practical side they use pods or capsules which means that they are simplicity itself to use. you basically cannot get it wrong. Another plus point is that there is no mess to clean away afterwards. There are so many of these single cup brewers you will be a bit spoiled for choice. here is an example

Keurig B31 Mini Brewer Red

Keurig have a very good reputation and their Mini Brewer gets a lot of positive reviews.
As with most of this type of machine you choose your flavor, pop in the pod, place your mug under the dispenser, press the button and in no time your drink will be ready.

You can check the price of this model and read some user reviews by clicking on the button below.


Red Espresso Makers

Espresso machines are available in all shapes and sized these days from those which serve up a single shot at a time right up to super automatic models which will make not only espresso but every kind of drink you can imagine involving coffee or milk. The price range is accordingly wide with the top machines costing anywhere up to $2,000. However if you just want an espresso machine which will make you one good espresso at a time you will not have too much of a hole in your wallet.

Responding to trends espresso machine makers now offer a lot of choices in red, and here are a couple of examples.

Nespresso CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker, Red

The Nespresso Citiz must be one of the most attractive to look at machines on the market. It has a sort of modern yet retro look to it which is really appealing. Better still it makes excellent espresso.
Reviewers say that the quality of the brew is high and consistent. Some thought that it rivalled anything you could buy at a Starbucks or Caribou.

This is one of those coffee makers which makes an excellent Christmas or birthday gift.

DeLonghi Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker, Red

The Delonghi Espresso Maker has more of a professional, coffee-shop-ish look to it. It has a die cast aluminium construction making it hard wearing and long lasting.

If red happens not to be you favorite color it comes in a whole range of other colors.
With this machine you have a lot more versatility, it will produce not only espresso but also lattés, cappuccinos and other milky drinks. It has a built in milk frother for excellent results.

You can use either coffee grounds or pods with this machine too which is useful for rushed mornings!
Despite all this the price tag for the Delonghi is very reasonable at around $400. Amazon frequently have a discount which brings it to around $300 so you are getting a lot of machine for your money.

Saeco Xelsis Digital Coffee Maker

This has to be the very last word in home coffee machines. Not only does the Xelsis produce a variety of coffee drinks which are equal in standard to top coffee houses it does so using the very latest technology for a very smooth user experience.

A full review of the Saeco Xelsis Digital Coffee Machine  is being prepared and will be published here as soon as it is complete. In the meantime you can read more about it, including what users think, by clicking the link given above. This link takes you to Amazon where this product is available although stock levels are currently low.

Breville Barista Express Review

With this machine we are getting into the higher end of the mid priced range. Its expensive, no doubt about that but it can represent very good value for money if you are looking for a fairly sophisticated coffee machine. This is a machine for people who truly love their espresso and want the taste of Italy from their own kitchen.

At a list price of $800 the Breville Barista Express BES860XL machine with grinder represents a significant investment – but that’s exactly what it is – an investment in your enjoyment of the real thing. With this machine you are actually getting quite a lot of features for you money as it does pretty much most of what far higher prices ones will do. Also the Barista express is often heavily discounted on Amazon, up to $200 off list price. Clicking the link above will give you the current discount.

One of the reasons this particular Breville model is so popular is that it is suitable for both complete beginners and those who are more experienced. You can choose to have the whole process on automatic right from the grinding of the beans to the serving of the shot. This way even the raw beginner is able to create the perfect smooth, full bodied espresso and crema ready to drink in just two minutes.

However if the idea of allowing the machine to take control of your coffee brewing does not appeal to you then you can take control of the process yourself. This is ideal for more experienced brewers and those looking to learn the ropes – over time you can hone your barista skills to perfection!

Get $200 Off The Breville Barista Express At Amazon

The Integrated Conical Burr Grinder

As anyone who takes their coffee drinking seriously will tell you one of the most important factors in brewing espresso is the quality of the beans. Once coffee beans are ground they begin to deteriorate within a matter of a few minutes and this adversely affects the quality of the espresso and the amount of crema.

With this in mind the Breville Express has an on board grinder so that the beans are ground immediately before brewing. This ensures that you get the best flavor and texture possible. Only the amount of beans needed is ground so the rest remain fresh for later use.

The Breville Barista Express Filters

The Barista Express comes with four filters which you would use according to your skill level and the amount of coffee you want to produce.

Dual Wall Filters

The dual wall filters are intended for the novice and both single shot and double shot sizes are included. The idea behind the double wall filter is that it slows down the flow rate of the water during brewing. This ensures that the espresso is extracted at the correct pressure and has a good crema. The filters can be used with pre ground vacuum packed espresso as well as fresh beans from the integrated grinder.

Single Wall Filters

The single wall filters again come in single and double size and are aimed at more experienced users. They allow the user to experiment with grind amount and tamp as they do not alter the flow rate of the water. Again they may be used with vacuum packed pre-ground espresso.

Getting To Know The Barista Express

The user manual for the Breville Barista is very in depth extending to 60 pages. It covers everything you need to know in plain and straightforward language.
setting up the Breville before first use
becoming familiar with the Barista Express and its features
safety information
the importance of using fresh high quality beans
different types of espresso
how to use – beginners
how to use – more experienced
the art of texturing milk
espresso tips
cleaning, care and maintenance

The sections on how to use the machine are easy to follow and include lots of pictures which are extremely helpful. There is a lot of detail with an abundance of hints and tips. It well worth spending the time to read the manual properly as this is how you will achieve the best results and it will increase your knowledge significantly if you are a beginner.

One of the things which is important to remember is that this is an espresso maker and as such it must be cleaned and maintained properly in accordance with Breville’s instructions. Most of this is very easy to do, but it must be done. Properly cared for the Breville Barista will produce great results for years and years.

Using the right beans is also important – steer clear of oily beans which often clog up the grinder. All of this is covered in the manual along with lots of other useful stuff.

Delonghi 3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

The Delonghi Esam3300 Magnifica is a super automatic coffee maker which does everything for you right from the grinding of the beans to the finished drink in the cup. It is easy to prepare great tasting espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte drinks with the unique “beans to brew” system.
The Magnifica is very easy to operate with straightforward push button and rotary controls plus a programmable menu panel. This is a great machine for anyone who wants cafe style drinks without needing to have the skills of a barista.

The ESAM3300 features an integrated burr grinder to automatically grind the coffee beans and it can be set to grind to specific levels. This ensures that you are using only freshly ground beans for every brew. This is a very important factor in producing the perfect end product. Beans do not keep their freshness for very long and start to deteriorate quite quickly. However pre ground vacuum packed coffee can also be used if you wish.

The Delonghi is kept constantly at the ideal temperature thanks to its two stainless steel boilers. These make for excellent heat distribution which allows you to brew perfect drinks every time. The double boiler system also means that there is no waiting in between preparing cappuccino and espresso as there is an instant reheat function.

The Esam3300 features a patented cappuccino system which is capable of rotating 180 degrees. The advantage of this is that it allows you to use any size of container for the milk. Also the height of the coffee spigot can be adjusted for different cup sizes. So whether you like to use a traditional small espresso cup or you are a tall mug sort of a person. What ever size of cup you go for you can keep it warm before use on the machine’s cup tray.

Other features of this model Include
·        large 60-ounce removable water tank
·        water-level indicator
·          a 7-ounce bean container
·          an electronic steam and coffee thermostat
·          rinse and decalcification auto programs, and
·        a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.
Both the water tank and bean container can be removed which makes cleaning far easier. Also both can be filled or emptied without having to move the machine and this can be quite an advantage if the counter space in your kitchen is limited.

Some users mentioned the need to use a non-oily brand of beans. Using oily beans will cause the grinder to clog up and stop working. This is something to watch out for with any machine, not just the Delonghi ESAM3300.

The Nespresso Citiz Review

The Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker and Milk Frother must be one of the most well regarded espresso makers available. Amazon reviews of the silver chrome version alone number over 130 and almost every one of them is either four or five stars.

So Why Do People Love the Nespresso Citiz?

The first thing that strikes you about this machine is its appearance. The design is very attractive and has an urban retro style to it. This thing is going to look very good on your kitchen countertop, especially as it comes in a number of great colors.

But surely you buy a coffee maker for its performance, not its looks ? Well… maybe a bit of both.
So what about the actual functionality of the Nespresso Citiz ?

The Citiz is a small machine with the performance of something much larger and way more expensive. Despite being small enough to fit comfortably into any kitchen it produces excellent cafe style drinks quickly and automatically. Best of all there is no mess to cleanup afterwards. This, in a nutshell, sums up why it is such a bestseller.

The Citiz has a unique extraction system which is designed to use coffee filled capsules. This gives you consistently good results. The capsules are hermetically sealed to keep the grounds fresh until they are needed. The machine perforated the capsule and soaks the coffee. The full taste and aromas of the coffee are extracted by the 19 bar pressure pump. The result is a smooth full bodied espresso and a rich crema.

You get all of this without having to be a barista or anything even close to one. Switch the unit on, pop in a capsule and don’t forget to place a cup under the outlet. Press the button for the type of drink you are making and that’s it. Moments later you will be sipping delicious espresso!
The capsules drop into a container which holds up to eleven empties so you don’t need to empty it every day unless you drink a lot of coffee.

Other features include a programmable volume control, automatic flow stop, removable water tank for easy refilling and an energy saving mode.

The Aeroccino

The Nespresso Citiz with Aeroccino model has a powerful automatic steamer for whipping up cream for your cappuccino and foam for you lattés. With the Citiz there is a choice between models – some have the Aeroccino and some don’t, the choice is yours.

So if you are looking for a mid-priced machine without sacrificing quality or taking up all your counter space the Nespresso Citiz is a worth taking a look at.

Delonghi EC702 Espresso Maker Stainless

One of the best things about owning a decent coffee maker is that you can enjoy the taste and aroma of your favorite coffee house in your own kitchen. Its a great way to start your day, however not all of us can easily afford to shell out a small fortune on a high end coffee machine. So what are the alternatives?

A popular model is the Delonghi EC702 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker. This is a great all round machine which brews both espresso and cappuccino perfectly. The list price for the EC702 is $350 but it is possible to get this model substantially cheaper as it is often heavily discounted at Amazon. The level of discount does change but at times it has been as much as 54%. If you can grab it at this price it represents very good deal as you will be getting a high performing machine for around $180. There is a link below if you want to check the current price.
This is a well designed machine which has a “professional” look to it and the stainless steel finish will fit in with any kitchen.

So What’s Good About This Machine Apart From Its Looks?

Despite the low price tag this model has two separate thermostats which control the water and steam temperatures and this allows the machine to brew both types of drink at the correct temperature so you get great results every time. It will also produce lattés and other milk drinks.

For the cappuccino drinker there is the patented cappuccino frother. This has a special chamber which mixes milk with steam to create a silky creamy froth for your milky drinks.

The Delonghi EC702 features a stainless steel boiler and a 15 bar pump for a full bodied shot and a rich crema. The dual function filter accommodates two separate attachments so that you can produce single or double shots.

The machine offers the user the option to use ground coffee or pods so you can choose whether to have a degree of manual control over the process or leave it all to the machine. The pods can be a good option if you are in a rush.

Features of The Delonghi ec702 15 bar pump espresso maker stainless
separate thermostats for brewing and steaming
adjustable frother
removable 44 ounce water tank
water level indicator
large removable drip tray
self priming for quick start up
storage/warming tray for cups

Made in Italy the Delonghi EC702 measures approximately  12″x8.5″x13 so will not hog all of your countertop space.

Delonghi EC702 Reviews

The Ec702 does seem to represent very good value for money. It looks rather more expensive than it actually is plus it performs like higher ticket models. It is quite a versatile machine too, producing both espresso and cappuccino plus other styles of milky drinks. The frother is a popular feature.

Additionally this machine has the unusual feature of being able to function with either coffee grounds or pods. Depending on how much time you have available and your personal skill levels you have the two choices available. Some coffee drinkers regards pods as something to be avoided, however users appear to get good results from the pods with this machine.

Technivorm Moccamaster – What Makes It So Good?

Technivorm are a Dutch company which have been manufacturing high specification coffee makers since 1964 and are the leading European maker of  quality coffee makers. The Technivorm Moccamaster  offers simplicity, ease of use and a consistently great cup of coffee. It features a simple design, makes coffee via the drip method and is relatively easy to clean.

The secret to why the Moccamaster makes consistently good coffee is very simple, but is at the very heart of how to make coffee the right way. In short it brews at the correct temperature and it keeps the coffee at the correct temperature after brewing. During brewing the water is kept at a temperature of between 133.6 and 140.8 degrees farenheit.  The coffee is then maintained at temperatures between 112-121 degrees farenheit. This keeps the coffee at its best and is in compliance with the standards set by the speciality Coffee Association of Europe, The Speciality Coffee Association of America and the European Coffee Brewing Centre.

The Moccamaster, like all Technivorm machines, is hand built using only high quality materials. Below is on of the most popular models.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT 741

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker

This model has a capacity of 1.25 liters and comes with a stainless steel thermo jug. The nine hole spray head ensures that the grounds get an even soaking to maximise flavor. The machine has an attractive aluminium housing and there is a good choice of colors. Brewing is very quick and is done in six minutes or under. A safety mechanism ensures that brewing stops if the carafe is not properly placed.

This is an upgrade of the previous KBT 741 and has all of the same features plus one or two significant improvements. Firstly this model features an automatic drip brew basket. Secondly if you remove the carafe the coffee flow is automatically shut off.

Moccamaster Design

The first thing you will notice when you take this thing out of the box is its size. It’s way bigger than your average coffee maker. If you have a lot of counter space or a special coffee section that’s fine but don’t plan on sticking this one in a cupboard when you aren’t using it.

The next thing you will notice is that the machine is very simple. There is a grand total of two switches on the Moccamaster ; the on/off switch and the extra hot switch. If you like your kitchen gadgets to have control panels like the Starship Enterprise you may be a little disappointed.

If you read the manual you will note that it says to leave the extra hot switch on at all times; however: unless your brew has been sitting with the burner off for a long time or you’ve decided to make soup in your burner you can probably skip it. The normal burner is very hot.
The machine is simple, easy to put together and you can probably be enjoying your first cup of joe just a few minutes after you pull it out of the box.

Cleaning Your Moccamaster

The Technivorm Moccamaster is relatively easy to clean with the exception of the thermal jug which requires a brush to clean. All of the parts are made with materials that you will mostly just have to wipe down. The water carafe should also be emptied about thirty minutes after you make your pot of coffee as the design leaves a small amount of water in the carafe to prevent overheating. Emptying it after it cools will prevent scaling and keep your water fresh.

Making Coffee With The Technivorm Coffee Maker

Making coffee with the Technivorm is a breeze. All you have to do is switch the plate on, add in your favorite coffee beans in the amount you prefer and sit back to wait for a beautiful cup of coffee.
(Note: In the manual there are instructions on how to make with the Technivorm Moccamaster: they were obviously made by someone who does not drink coffee, if you want good coffee don’t follow them)
The coffee produced is rich, aromatic and kept at the perfect temperature for up to 8 hours after brewing.  Once you get the hang of making coffee with the Moccamaster you can easily enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee all day long!

Best Use 

The Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker works the best when it is used to full capacity (that’s about 10 liters). However; you can use it to make individual cups as desired.

Cool Features 

The glass design allows you to easily see when the water starts to boil (and watch it bubble in the tubes).

The Moccamaster is large enough that you can literally use it at work or make several larger thermoses of coffee out of only one pot. You can also host a coffee drinking party!

Stealing coffee from the carafe is no problem, even if the brew isn’t finished. The Moccamaster comes equipped with an auto-stop sensor when you remove the carafe.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

What are essential oils and how can using the best essential oil diffuser in my home to benefit me and my family? First, you need to understand exactly what essential oils are and the you need to learn how diffusers spread the beneficial essential oil through your home, office or where ever you use it.

You’ve probably heard of aroma therapy and how different oils and scents help change a person’s mood to help relax, provide energy, promote health, and other beneficial changes, and you may have actually tried it. Often aromatherapy is performed by using candles or rubbing heated oil on the body. This allows some of the essential oils contained in the products used to be inhaled. Breathing in the oil when heated to the proper temperature allows the oils to be inhaled. The olfactory sense is the best way to absorb the essential oil.

What Are Essential Oils – What Are Essential Oils Exactly?

If you are considering or have recently purchased an Essential Oil Diffuser or another product that uses essential oil, you may be wondering what essential oils are exactly. It is always wise to understand what you use in your home and around your family, so let’s look at what exactly essential oils are so you can safely use them to choose the best ones for your home use.

Essential oil is the essence of a plant, flower or herb, an aromatic distillate or extraction. It contains all the properties and benefits of the source, including the fragrance, but in a pure form. Essential oils can be extracted from different parts of a plant such as grapefruit oil which is extracted from the fruit rind, or rose oil and rose hip oil.

Essential oil is made from key parts of plants or herbs, the parts that give life to the plant; hence, the essential part of the plant has the oils removed. This is where the name “essential oil” came about.  Essential oils in their purest from can be purchased online or at natural food stores. You may choose a mixture of essential oils or single, pure oil from one plant or herb. You always want to check that the product is PURE essential oil, not a blend of other ingredients with a small amount of essential oil.

Now that you know what essential oils are, you need to know what a essential oil room diffuser is and how it works. The best essential oil diffuser is the one from Aromasent. The diffuser uses regular tap water and the amount of essential oil you prefer, less oil provides less scent while more provides a stronger scent. The diffuser heats the water and oil so that it turns into a cool mist of humidity and scent. The diffuser uses electric ultrasonic technology to produce the best fragrance scented oil and the diffusers gentle LED lamp changes to seven soothing color or you can set it to stay on the color of your choice.

Using The Essential Oil Diffuser

The diffuser mist can be adjusted to produce more or less mist. If the water in the diffuser runs out, the unit will shut off automatically but you can expect a full six hours of continuous mist. If you do not turn the unit off and it runs out of water, the auto shut-off prevents the diffuser from burning out. The essential oils are sold separately and not included with the diffuser.The best essential oil diffuser is portable so you can move it from your bedroom to the living room, take it to your office or wherever you wish to use it. The mist covers an area of up to 150 square feet, the size of an average bedroom.

The diffuser can be used for aromatherapy, as a spa vapor diffuser choosing the essential oil or mixture of oils for relaxation, stress reduction, increased energy, a romantic formula or many other moods. You can also choose oil that kills germs and prevents illness. And all the essential oil formulas create a pleasing scent for the space where it is used, reducing pet odors, cigarette odors or cooking odors. The moist mist makes breathing easier, relieves cough, flu and cold symptoms and moistens the nasal passages. The negative ions generated create increased oxygen flow, providing an overall sense of well-being and it ensures better sleep. The unit is very quiet when operating.

What Essential Oils Are Best?

If you are adding essential oil aromatherapy into your home through an essential oil diffuser or other device, you may be wondering what oils are best to purchase for use in your home and around your family and pets.  There are a number of considerations in determining what essential oils are best for you.

What Essential Oil Diffuser is Best for My Home?

Perhaps you have been considering an essential oil diffuser for you home and are wondering which the best choice is. We will help you find important points you should consider in comparing various essential oil diffusers and questions you should ask when comparing different devices.

Easy To Use Essential Oil Diffuser

You want to select an essential oil diffuser that is easy to use. The water and oil reservoirs should be easy to access. The power cord switch should be easy to control. The power cord should be easy to access and plug into a power source. The device’s switches for various settings should be very easy to access and use. The device should refuse to operate if everything is not in order as a safety feature, making it super-easy to use.


Do you want features like changing or settable lighting? The device should definitely have an automatic shut off when the water/oil reservoir runs dry. The cord should be sturdy and have an accessible on/off switch. You should be able to select changeable lights or one single lighting type easily.


The spa vapor diffuser should be constructed of sturdy material, not easily broken. It should be durable and ready to be used for many years without parts replacement. There should be no parts that easily break.

Customer Service

Never buy from a company that doesn’t list any easy way to reach them to discuss breakage in delivered products, dissatisfaction with a product or to get answers to questions regarding products. A toll free number, email address or website should be listed for easy customer service and quick responses to contacts should ensue.


The price of expensive essential oil diffusers does not ensure you get more for your money. You probably just spend more. Compare features to prices and choose the most features for the lowest price.
Does the Product Provide a User’s Guide?

Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser

Select a product that includes a free guide about how to effectively select the essential oils for the essential oil diffuser and easily to follower guide to using the device. For example: The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils is a great free product included with some products.

Having researched multiple products, the only ultrasonic oil diffuser that meets all these criteria is the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser from Home Standard. If you find other products that meet the same criteria, we’ve love to hear from you.

Selecting Essential Oils For Your Home

Since essential oils cost money, most are not terribly expensive and many companies provide quality oils. Since most people are on a budget, chances are you want to select three or four oils to purchase at a time or whatever number fits your budget. You probably want to begin with a few key essential oils that provide specific aromatherapy benefits based on the needs of you and your family.

For example, if you want peaceful, sounder sleep, you’ll want to purchase lavender essential oil. If you want to give your home a clean smell to remove staleness or cover cooking odors, eucalyptus essential oil will do the trick. The specific device you purchase in which to use essential oil may have come with a basic essential oils guide that describes the benefits of many essential oils. If not, you can look online or check out a book from your local library or purchase a guide to essential oils at a local or online bookstore. Based on the benefits you desire, make a list in order of priority of the essential oils you plan to use.

You can obtain therapeutic grade essential oils online or from your local health food and natural products store. You should choose essential oils that are in glass bottles, preferably brown, blue or violet to reduce determination from light over time. The label should clearly state the common name of the plant used to create the oil, the Latin name of the plant, what part of the plant was used to create the product, safety warning information regarding safe use, and the amount of oil in the bottle (for example: 3 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml).

The bottle should have a top that seals well and a cap to permit easy removal of the oil by drops. The label should state the type of distillation method used to produce the oil and in most cases steam distillation is what you want, although citrus peel essential oils like orange, lemon or lime should indicate cold press as the extraction methods because these cannot be steam distilled. You may choose to select essential oils that are made from organic plants but that is really up to your personal standards.

Also, choose oils from aromatherapy stores that are environmentally-conscious (this may require a bit of online research on specific companies that produce essential oils that appeal to you). Look for a company that offers customer service either through a website or telephone number in case you have a problem with the product or need other information.

Aromatherapy Tips For A Pleasant Experience

Purchase small bottles of essential oil unless you use a lot of oil. Because most aromatherapy essential oil diffusers, aroma necklaces and other devices require only three or four drops of essential oil, 5 ml goes quite a long way. When trying a company or specific essential oil that you have not purchased before, buy the smallest available bottle in case you find you don’t enjoy it. You’ll have invested the least amount of money. If you find a few essential oils you use every day and have located a company you love to supply them, consider buying a larger size but not so large that it lasts for over six months.

Be wary of any essential oil offered by a company that is priced far lower than similar products from other sources. The oil may be weakened, made from poor quality plants, or adulterated in other ways. Read online reviews from users of essential oils and see what companies and which essential oils they have enjoyed using. Ask your online friends what companies and which oils they have enjoyed. There is a wealth of information about what essential oils are best based on actual customer experience available on the internet.

Experiment with various essential oils and you’ll build a collection of essential oils that provide different benefits and pleasing scents. Enjoy using essential oils in whatever type of device you choose; you and your family will enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

The Best Essential Oil Wedding Gift

Spring is a popular time for weddings, but no matter the wedding date, giving the best essential oil wedding gift will make the new couple happy. If the couple is already into essential oils, a wedding gift can add to their collection. If the couple is not already fans of the popular use of aromatherapy, this is a great time to help them make their life together happier and healthier by giving one of the best essential oil wedding gifts.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Home

If your friends entering into a new marriage don’t already have an essential oil diffuser, consider the electric Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser and a couple of essential oils to get your friends involved in the benefits of aromatherapy.

This essential oil diffuser comes with a basic guide book to essential oils. It is also very functional, sturdy and easy to use. This diffuser operates on regular tap water and makes an affordable gift. It includes mood lighting that can be set to relaxing changing colors, set to a single color or turned off during aromatherapy use.

You can find other units but none that offer as many benefits, making the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser the best wedding gift for the money. Include a couple of popular essential oils to get the couple started, for example lavender for sleep and relaxation and peppermint or lemon for energy.

If you know the wedding couple already has an essential oil diffuser, consider giving them an essential oil shower diffuser. This device allows them to load the diffuser with essential oil of their choice and have it diffused around them and onto their skin (in safe amounts) during showers. The shower diffuser is fast becoming very popular, but it is likely your friends will not get multiples of this gift, unlike the all-too-common gift of a blender or toaster.

A collection of essential oils is always a welcomed wedding gift. Many companies offer a choice of several nice collections to choose from or create a collection on your own and present them in a pretty basket inside a gift bag.

Wedding Gift Ideas Using The Best Essential Oil

A great starter set of essential oils could include a selection from this list of very popular oils:
Eucalyptus for health and energy as well as a pleasant clean smell that neutralizes cooking, cigarette smoke and pet odors

Thieves (also called The Thieves by some vendors) for killing germs and promoting good health

Lavender for deep relaxation and sound sleep

A citrus such as lemon, sweet orange or lime for invigoration and anti-depressant properties as well as use for natural cleaning

Ylang ylang or patchouli for passion

Peppermint for energy

If you want to show your friends how much you care and give them a very special aromatherapy wedding gift, you might consider one of the absolute oils, extracted as great expense. These are the most costly essential oils but just 1/8 ounce will last a long, long time because these oils are so potent. Consider rose absolute, vanilla absolute or jasmine absolute and your friends will truly thank you.

What You MUST Know to Use Essential Oil Safely

When using essential oils in a diffuser, other device or recipe, you MUST know a few important facts to be safe. The following facts will allow you to do just that.

Using Essential Oils Safety

Dilution: Never use undiluted essential oil directly on the skin. Because the oil is so strong it can produce burning or another negative reaction, up to and including potentially deadly allergic shock. Always dilute the oil in water for diffuser use, a carrier oil or cream such as Shea butter.

Known Allergies: If you have a known allergy, you WILL have an allergic reaction to the essential oil of that substance. No exceptions; and the reaction will most likely be much worse because of the condensed nature of essential oils. A lot of the plant or food to which you are known to be allergic is required to make a single drop of oil so it only makes sense the allergic reaction would be worse.

Skin Test: Perform a safe skin test before using an essential oil you have not used before. To do this, wet a cotton ball and add one drop of essential oil. Massage the oil into the cotton ball and apply to skin in an inconspicuous spot that you can easily see. Wait 24 to 48 hours to ensure there is no negative reaction such a reddening, itching or appearance of a rash before using the oil.

Read Instructions on Devices: Be sure to completely read instructions included with any diffuser or other device before using. Some diffusers require purified water while others, like the Aromasent, can use plain tap water. Be aware of any precautions included in the instructions such as safe electric practices, what parts of the device should remain dry to ensure the life of your product.

Pricing: When purchasing essential oils, realize that paying more does not mean a better essential oil. Only a few companies in the world mass produce therapeutic quality essential oils because the process is expensive and requires vast quantities of plant material. Therefore, the difference in price is largely due to packaging, profit, promotion and public relations. An unusually cheap essential oil, however, may have been diluted with some type of carrier oil or other non-essential product, so avoid any deal that seems too good to be true.

Essential Oil Safety

Storage: Essential oils will last for decades if stored properly. Proper storage means the container should be glass and either amber, brown or blue in color. The top should contain a restrictor so that one drop at a time can be extracted. If a dropper is used, the rubber on the dropper will deteriorate over time and must be replaced to ensure the integrity of the essential oil. Also, keep essential oils in cool, dark locations.

With these simple precautions, you can use essential oils safely and enjoy all the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your health and pleasure regimes.

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

How To Find The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Nothing feels as relaxing as gazing at the dancing flames of your fireplace on a cold night. However, traditional fireplaces, are expensive, messy, and are a fire hazard. Fortunately, you can obtain all the benefits of a traditional fireplace, for a lower cost,  and much less mess. An electric fireplace can provide you with the best features of a traditional fireplace, without many of the drawbacks. We will help you choose the best electric fireplace for your application.

After you have made the decision that an electric fireplace suits your needs better than a traditional one, you must find the best electric fireplace model for your particular situation. There are a large number of models and providers from which to choose. So, you must do a some legwork prior to making your decision to purchase a particular model.

The most vital stop, subsequent to deciding to purchase an electric fireplace, is selecting a competent distributor. You should find an authorized distributor of a solid manufacturer. Be sure that you can quickly get in touch with their customer service agents and that they have a full knowledge of product offerings.

Decide On The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Particular Situation

Every scenario is different, your unique needs will determine which model is most suitable for you. Before choosing a model you need to ask a few relevant questions. You need to know how much floor space you have. Does your unit have to have multiple functions, such as being a media console and fireplace simultaneously?  How much heat do you need your unit to generate? Subsequent to answering these questions,  you will be in a better position to select the unit that is most suitable.
There are a large number of models on the market, so it is imperative that you have full knowledge of your requirements before proceeding. Electric fireplaces are made in many different styles. There are fireplaces with wood mantles and stoves that are free standing. You must decide the type of design that is most suitable for a particular room in order to find the best electric fireplace for your needs.

You also most decide the location in the room that is best for your electric fireplace. Most often, the center or room focal point is the best location. However, there are electric fireplaces made with corners for people who want to use a corner location.

Additionally make sure that the room you choose has enough electric current available to handle the additional load that your electric fireplace will place on it. In the ideal situation your electric fireplace will have its own dedicated circuit. However, if you don’t want to install an additional circuit, determine if the existing circuit can handle the additional load. You need to look at the amount of watts that the model you are considering buying consumes.

Numerous models are on the market, so it is imperative that you have full knowledge of all your requirements prior to making a purchasing decision. A built-in model will be a permanent fixture in a home or office and they are well suited for new construction or renovation projects. You can buy a model that can be located just about anywhere in a room. It can be on an outside wall, inside wall, center of a room , or in a corner. A plug-in type of electric fireplace used in conjunction with a free standing mantel is often suitable for a corner space or on a wall. As an alternative, if you have an existing wood burning or gas stove, you can convert it into an electric fireplace by purchasing log inserts that are electric. You can even buy an electric fireplace that is part of a media package. It can house your television and MP3 and DVD players as well. Other possibilities include a free standing stove that looks like a traditional, cast iron, wood burning stove.

Since having adequate space can be a problem, you may want to consider getting a corner or wall mounted electric fireplace. Wall mounted fireplaces offer the instantaneous appeal of fire while simultaneously giving off instant heat, when needed. There are a lot of designs that have a lot of aesthetic appeal and are made with a variety of finishes such as black, white, glass, and a metallic finish. Due to their space saving properties wall units are often used in apartments, condominiums, and lofts. Wall units are also constructed with some wrap around panoramic window designs.

Another space saving design are corner fireplaces. These designs can offer the appeal of fine furniture along with the look of a traditional fireplace. There are models that you can convert to be placed in a corner or on a flat wall. Corner fireplaces are east to install and are able to fit into most home corners. These electric fireplaces can be operated without the  heater or with it, so you can use it year round.  Corner electric fireplaces are usually made so you can power then off of any 120 volt electrical outlet. You do not have to provide a vent for them and the majority of them come with a remote control.
For more information on finding the best electric fireplaces, go to our website Best Electric  where you will find reviews and ratings on a large selection of top rated electric fireplaces. These are reviews and ratings by customers who have actually purchased the product and used it for some period of time.  This is an excellent way to gather some useful information for your research before you make your final purchasing decision.