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Best Earbuds For Running, Best Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Earbuds For Running

Most athletes listening to music use special earbuds for running instead of their normal headphones. Standard earbuds tend to be too small, they fall out due to the jogging movement, and they don’t really blank out the noise from the street. Big headphones by contrast do block out other noise, but react badly to the sweat that builds up around your head as you run.

Enter special earbuds for running. These are known as sports headphones, and come with built in features designed to protect the headphone and keep it in place while you run.

What To Look For When Buying Earbuds For Running

The first thing sports earbuds should have is a hook or clip to hold the earbud in place. The over-ear hooks are the most comfortable they attach to the earbud, and then hook behind your ear, so that your jogging motion wont dislodge it. They usually have waterproof foam padding around the hook to make it comfortable. You can also get earbuds that wrap around the back of the head, but these are less comfortable to wear (especially if your hair is short as the band slips down the back of your head as it gets slick and sweaty).

The next thing to look for is a remote that goes with the device. If you are listening to music on your smartphone, you will need this to be able to switch the tracks you are listening to without stopping to tap at your phone screen. Check that the remote is compatible with your brand of phone most sports earbud manufacturers make their remotes compatible with Apple devices, but not with Android phones. Obviously if you are running with your iPod you wont need a remote.

You also need to make sure the earbuds have good quality waterproofing sweat is a great enemy of electronic devices. Most sports headphones have silicone waterproofing with rubber on the cables, but some earbuds have patented waterproof coatings that repel water so effectively that they actually allow you to use them for swimming.

For example H2O Audio earbuds are submersible up to twelve feet, so you can use them while diving, as well as when running. The best waterproof earbuds allow you to rinse the earbuds in water after use. Most earbuds come with some sort of cleaning implement included, but rinsing is the best method to keep them clean.

Finally check the sound quality. Try the earbuds on in the shop, plug them into your iPod or phone and listen. Everyone has different music needs, and the thumping base on one earbud may be just what you need, while another may have a tinnier sound, you can only find this out by trial and error. Some earbuds for running have adjustable controls, and some even come with mics so that you can switch off the music and take and make phone calls while you run.

It has been proven that running along to music helps improve performance, so earbuds for running are a good investment.