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Little Chief Smoker Review

The Little Chief Smoker is a product that is manufactured by Smokehouse Products. The brand has been around for well over 30 years, and many individuals and families have come to rely upon the brand, and its products when it comes to their cooking and smoking needs. They have created another well received product with their Little Chief Smoker. The smoker comes in a lightweight squared canister that is aluminum. Many smokers look like capsules, but this model looks like a small chest drawer. Also, many smokers are top loading. This model is front loading, for better control, and for more cooking possibilities.

A smoker is a canister that enables the smoking method of cooking meats to take place. What happens in a traditional smoker, is that wet wood chips are placed on the bottom, usually on top of burning coals. As the wood gets hot, instead of cooking the meat with sheer flames and heat, it smokes the meat with its hot vapors. Many people love to eat smoked meat for a few reasons. First, the meat cooks very slow, and it heats up tenderly in its own juices. Second, because it cooks slow in its own juices, the meat comes out incredibly tender. Most of the time, it’s fall off the bone, or fall apart in your hands tender. Who doesn’t relish the thought of eating meat or fish that has a texture that seems to melt in your mouth?

Third, the meat and fish get impregnated with the smoke flavor. Many people love the taste of smoke in their food, and some people will even buy a product called liquid smoke so that they can make their meats taste like it’s been cooking in a smoker. The food will take on the notes and the flavors of the meat used. This is why enthusiast will experiment with different types of wood chips, such as mesquite, apple, oak, maple, and others. Many people will buy barbecue foods such as ribs, jerky, or even bacon at a higher price than usual, just so that they can experience the wood chip taste that has been imparted into these meats. But when a person owns a smoker, they can create that magical taste in all the meats that they wish, as much as they want. They will find that they will save tons of money, because they can cook large amounts of food in the smoker, and then store it in the freezer to heat and eat later.

Many smokers are heated either with coals or propane gas. However, many smokers are being designed to run off of electricity. Many people prefer this method, because they don’t want to be bothered with buying cans of gas, and the dangers that come with storing and heating gas. Charcoal is inexpensive, but some people don’t want these coals around their home, because pets and children can get into the bags, eat them, and poison themselves. Many people feels as well that these methods of heating the wood chips will leave a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, electricity is a cleaner, less invasive method of fuel.

The Little Chief Smoker is medium in size, and it is built with a 250 watt heating element. The Little Chief Smoker also come equipped with four racks, so that the cook can smoke multiple cuts of meat at the same time. The smoking compartment can cook up to 25 pounds of meat. Many people love to cook large roast of meat, such as turkeys, but on this model, it’s best to stick to multiple pieces of smaller cuts of meat. For example, one rack could be for beef, one rack for pork, etc. Or, a person could smoke several racks of fish, especially if they’ve had a great catch from a day of fishing that day.

The Little Chief Smoker lends itself to other creative smoking ideas as well. Many people love to smoke their own jerky. If you’ve ever bought jerky at a retail store, then you know how expensive that it can be for just a little bit of meat. Many people enjoy gourmet flavors of jerky, but it’s so expensive! But with the Little Chief Smoker, a person can create their own gourmet jerky, of any variety, and as much of it as they wish. This makes the experience of smoking in this device worth it in of itself. Also, there are some people who smoke their own cheese. Smoked cheese wheels are usually only sold in gourmet grocery stores, so of course, they will have a gourmet price tag attached to it. But when a person buys the Little Chief Smoker, they can have lots of smoked cheeses for themselves, or to give away as gifts.

The price of the Little Chief Smoker is around $93.00. For around $50.00 more, it’s recommended that customers buy additional wood chips, and a specially designed insulation blanket that is created to complement the smoker. If you are a person who will be doing your fair share of smoking, then it would probably be best that you buy as much wood chips as possible, especially if you want to make sure that you are buying wood chips that have already been shown to complement the structure and the design of the smoker.

Many customers rave about this product. They swear by the manufacturer and the Little Chief Smoker. They say that their smoker has been part of their family for 10 years, 15 years, and in some cases, even more years. They love the front load design, and they love the fact that the slow smoking allows them to do other things besides babysit their food. They are quick to point out to the new smokers out there, that this is a smoker, and not a cooker or a grill. A cooker and a grill prepares food at much higher speeds. This smoker is for the person who doesn’t mind putting in hours to cook their meat. Then again, they already know just how good the meat is going to turn out, so they feel that it’s worth the wait.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a great new innovation on an old but trusted friend, the outdoor smoker. An outdoor smoker works by heating up moist wood chips, and slow cooking meat by way of smoking it. How this works, is that the meat is placed on a rack inside of an elongated canister. That canister is made out of tin or aluminum. At the bottom of the canister is a compartment for heating up either charcoal, or the wood chips. The heat then instead of burning up the wood, creates smoke. This hot smoke is not only what cooks the meat, but it also imparts a wickedly delicious flavor and tenderness to the meat which is just what you want in an electric smoker.

In the past, an electric smoker either created its heat by way of charcoal bricks, or by propane gas tanks. The Old Smokey Electric Smoker, as its name implies, uses electricity. The electric smoker works by heating an electric coil, much like the coil that would be used in the bottom of an electric oven. The temperature is set, and then the moist chips give off their smoke. Many people love the electric smoker option, because they feel that it simplifies the smoking process. For example, with propane gas smokers, one always has to check to make sure that there is actually a flame continuing to burn for the smoker, and that gas isn’t being wasted. They also have to regulate the flame that the gas gives off.

With regards to the charcoal smokers, the charcoal bricks can burn up, so more charcoal has to be added. This will cause irregularities in the cooking temperature and time. Not only will there not be enough heat to cook the meat, but every time that the smoker is opened, heat escapes, and that in turn will make the canister lose heat. The other problem that can come with charcoal burning canisters, is like with propane burning canisters, one has to monitor the flame. Too much flame will cause scorching, and can even melt the canister. Too little flame won’t create the heat and the smoke that the meat requires. But with an electric heat producing smoker, the heat and the temperature can be regulated much better. The only thing that will have to be monitored, is that the chips are still moist, and that they haven’t dried out. This is a consideration, since electric coils produce dry heat. Having said this, many people report that they have to open the canister for monitoring a lot less than they would using other types of smokers, besides the Old Smokey Electric Smoker. One of the main reasons is because the design of the lid is what keeps the wood chips moist. The wood chips in this design require no water to keep them moist. The heat and the steam of the meat gets recycled by the lid, and the chips stay moist in this way.

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker also features a five foot cord. Many people feel that they need to add an extension cord, so that they can move the smoker away from their homes as far as possible. It also comes with two racks, and a drip pan. It comes with its own pack of wooden chips and with carrying handles. The design of this smoker is for someone who wants that deep smoky taste, but without all of the fuss and the hassle. Instead of having to stand by the smoker, and obsessing over the minute details, the cook can enjoy their guest, or do pretty much anything that they wish while the meat practically self cooks in this smoker.

The price is very reasonable. This is a price that is more than the old fashioned smokers, but is less than some smokers that range up to $200.00. It is very easy to use, and even the most inexperienced smoker can wrap their minds around the instructions, and come up with a masterpiece to feast upon, and to enjoy. One thing that many previous customers have suggested, is to buy the thermometer. The thermometer doesn’t come with it, but it will be extremely useful for controlling your heat, and to make sure that your meat is at a safe temperature to eat. It is also recommended that the customer of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker buy a good book regarding smoking, and smoking recipes. Such book titles are suggested online.

This is truly a wonderful investment for the person who doesn’t want the fuss of obsessing about their food when they are smoking it. It comes in handy for a variety of occasions and reasons. For example, a family could take care of their cooking for at least a few days. They could put multiple cuts of meat on the rack, smoke it, and then they could have meals taken care of for a few days. Or, a family could smoke a couple of large pieces of meat. The meat could be served as a roast, and then sandwiches, and then bits for salads and soup. Instead of having to spend money for all of these meals, these main dishes could be created simplistically, and economically in the Old Smokey Electric Smoker.

Although the temperature needs to be checked when cooking, the electric coil features of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker allows for a pretty stable cooking experience. This comes in handy for all times of year. It’s easy to maintain heat in the summer. But the winter winds can bring down the canister heat. This is why it’s great for this smoker to have electrical heating coils on the inside. Cold winds won’t cause the temperature to drop in the canister, because the electric coil heat is set manually, and will stay stable.

One more great feature about the Old Smokey Electric Smoker, is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to assemble it. The instructions are included, and the assembly is very easy. If you are looking for a smoker that makes life easier for you, or for someone who is just starting the smoking experience, then this is certainly an electric smoker brand that should be on your list.

Best Electric Smoker

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Since antiquity, smoking has been one of the favorite cooking methods. In fact, smoking was the prototype preservation method for animal and fish products. Today, the technological advancement has led to the production of state-of-the-art smoking appliances and at the center of all these is Smokey Mountain Smoker: Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, Dyna Glo Smoker, Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smoker, Masterbuilt Propane Smoker, Cajun Injector Electric Smoker, Bradley Electric Smoker, Old Smokey Electric Smoker, Little Chief Smoker

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Quality Smoker

Most people think that once branded Smokey Mountain, any such smoker will perform the intended functions reliably, effectively and without compromise. This is very wrong as these kitchen appliances come in many different designs, sizes and other specifications. There several factors to take into account including the following:

Smokey Mountain Smoker

1. The Capacity of the smoker

Smokey mountain smokers come in a variety of sizes. The manufactures of these gadgets knew that people have various needs depending on the sizes of their families. Obviously the larger your family is the more capacious should be the smoker you choose to purchase.

Besides your family needs, the size should be determined by how you intend to use your smoker and your lifestyle. If you are a frequent traveler or you only intend to use the smoker outdoors, then you may want to go for a smaller compact size. The reverse is also true. Just go for the size that fits your individual smoking needs.

The kind of food you need to smoke also matter. For example, if you need to cook a whole turkey and a ham, both at the same time, you may need a Smokey mountain smoker that is about 19 inches wide or in diameter. Consider your usual menu and your choice on the most common foods you need to cook in the smoker.

2. The design of the smoker

There is a battery of Smokey mountain designs depending on the brand. While each person has his or her own taste and preferences, the kind of smoker design you choose should also depend functionality. You need to purchase something that matches your other kitchen appliances in terms of quality, construction and color.

Besides, you need to consider stability. In most cases, Smokey Mountain Smokers are used outdoors in ragged and not so straight surfaces as would be with kitchen countertops. There is nothing as embarrassing as losing your deliciously smoked meal simply because of your smoker has a design flaw such as instability.

The design should also make it easy to operate and maintain. It should have hinged doors that fit tightly and easily. It should provide easy access to water pan as well as the charcoal basket if it uses such fuel. To make handling easy, a good smoke’s handles should be able to fold seamlessly for easy storage and transportation.

3. Functionality of the smoker

It is not strange to buy a product and then it fails to work on the very first time you switch it on. This is why you need to take your time to look at the features and specifications of the smoker before you can decide to purchase it. First, you need to consider the type of fuel the smoker uses. The fuel types include charcoal, gas and electricity.

If you intend to use your smoker outdoors, then it may be wise to choose that supplied by charcoal because it may be difficult to find gas or electricity at most outdoor venues. However, if you intend to use it at home in your kitchen then you that supplied by either electricity or gas would do. By far, the best choice of fuel favored by many people is charcoal.

A quality Smokey mountain smoker should also provide you with more than one cooking options. The most important cooking options include wet, dry as well as grill. Most popular brands produce smokers with capability to provide all the three cooking option but you can also find one with just a single or double cooking options depending on your needs.

4. Smoker Controls

For a Smokey Mountain smoker to work seamlessly, there are several controls it must possess. It should have temperature gauge somewhere visible such as the grill lid, digital time control, multiple vents for good temperature control, temperature eyelets to provide easy access incase you want to insert thermometer probe as well as other important features.

Before you decide to purchase the smoker, you have to try as much as possible to see that all the controls are working well. This may be difficult if you are purchasing your appliance online but most sellers ensure that the products they store work well before they can be shipped to the consumers. You do not have that problem if you will do your purchase from a local store.

5. Durability

A great Smokey Mountain Smoker should be able serve you as long as you are able to use it. You should find one made from material that can withstand the heat and corrosive influence from the chemicals producing when food squeak as they cook. Most state of the art smokers are made of porcelain-enamel steel or other material with and nickel coated interior. If you know someone who has been using such appliances before, then you can consult him or her for advice.

6. Price of the smoker

I guess nobody can purchase what he or she cannot afford. The amount of money you have will decide what kind of Smokey mountain charcoal or gas smoker. One fact is that quality products are always more expensive than those of law quality. However, you can also get a good stuff at competitive prices if you take advantage of promotions and coupons offered by the manufactures and the retailers.

You may also save some money if you purchase your smoker online. In this case, you will need to carry out some research online to compare prices. Choose brands that have longer warranty period. 10 year guarantee; for example, is not badly off.


My wish is that the above-discussed tips will help you arrive at the best Smokey Mountain Smoker for your wet and dry cooking needs. Consider them when setting out to purchase this appliance and be sure to get a smoker that will not only produce excellent meals but also serve you for longer periods.