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Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

What are essential oils and how can using the best essential oil diffuser in my home to benefit me and my family? First, you need to understand exactly what essential oils are and the you need to learn how diffusers spread the beneficial essential oil through your home, office or where ever you use it.

You’ve probably heard of aroma therapy and how different oils and scents help change a person’s mood to help relax, provide energy, promote health, and other beneficial changes, and you may have actually tried it. Often aromatherapy is performed by using candles or rubbing heated oil on the body. This allows some of the essential oils contained in the products used to be inhaled. Breathing in the oil when heated to the proper temperature allows the oils to be inhaled. The olfactory sense is the best way to absorb the essential oil.

What Are Essential Oils – What Are Essential Oils Exactly?

If you are considering or have recently purchased an Essential Oil Diffuser or another product that uses essential oil, you may be wondering what essential oils are exactly. It is always wise to understand what you use in your home and around your family, so let’s look at what exactly essential oils are so you can safely use them to choose the best ones for your home use.

Essential oil is the essence of a plant, flower or herb, an aromatic distillate or extraction. It contains all the properties and benefits of the source, including the fragrance, but in a pure form. Essential oils can be extracted from different parts of a plant such as grapefruit oil which is extracted from the fruit rind, or rose oil and rose hip oil.

Essential oil is made from key parts of plants or herbs, the parts that give life to the plant; hence, the essential part of the plant has the oils removed. This is where the name “essential oil” came about.  Essential oils in their purest from can be purchased online or at natural food stores. You may choose a mixture of essential oils or single, pure oil from one plant or herb. You always want to check that the product is PURE essential oil, not a blend of other ingredients with a small amount of essential oil.

Now that you know what essential oils are, you need to know what a essential oil room diffuser is and how it works. The best essential oil diffuser is the one from Aromasent. The diffuser uses regular tap water and the amount of essential oil you prefer, less oil provides less scent while more provides a stronger scent. The diffuser heats the water and oil so that it turns into a cool mist of humidity and scent. The diffuser uses electric ultrasonic technology to produce the best fragrance scented oil and the diffusers gentle LED lamp changes to seven soothing color or you can set it to stay on the color of your choice.

Using The Essential Oil Diffuser

The diffuser mist can be adjusted to produce more or less mist. If the water in the diffuser runs out, the unit will shut off automatically but you can expect a full six hours of continuous mist. If you do not turn the unit off and it runs out of water, the auto shut-off prevents the diffuser from burning out. The essential oils are sold separately and not included with the diffuser.The best essential oil diffuser is portable so you can move it from your bedroom to the living room, take it to your office or wherever you wish to use it. The mist covers an area of up to 150 square feet, the size of an average bedroom.

The diffuser can be used for aromatherapy, as a spa vapor diffuser choosing the essential oil or mixture of oils for relaxation, stress reduction, increased energy, a romantic formula or many other moods. You can also choose oil that kills germs and prevents illness. And all the essential oil formulas create a pleasing scent for the space where it is used, reducing pet odors, cigarette odors or cooking odors. The moist mist makes breathing easier, relieves cough, flu and cold symptoms and moistens the nasal passages. The negative ions generated create increased oxygen flow, providing an overall sense of well-being and it ensures better sleep. The unit is very quiet when operating.

What Essential Oils Are Best?

If you are adding essential oil aromatherapy into your home through an essential oil diffuser or other device, you may be wondering what oils are best to purchase for use in your home and around your family and pets.  There are a number of considerations in determining what essential oils are best for you.

What Essential Oil Diffuser is Best for My Home?

Perhaps you have been considering an essential oil diffuser for you home and are wondering which the best choice is. We will help you find important points you should consider in comparing various essential oil diffusers and questions you should ask when comparing different devices.

Easy To Use Essential Oil Diffuser

You want to select an essential oil diffuser that is easy to use. The water and oil reservoirs should be easy to access. The power cord switch should be easy to control. The power cord should be easy to access and plug into a power source. The device’s switches for various settings should be very easy to access and use. The device should refuse to operate if everything is not in order as a safety feature, making it super-easy to use.


Do you want features like changing or settable lighting? The device should definitely have an automatic shut off when the water/oil reservoir runs dry. The cord should be sturdy and have an accessible on/off switch. You should be able to select changeable lights or one single lighting type easily.


The spa vapor diffuser should be constructed of sturdy material, not easily broken. It should be durable and ready to be used for many years without parts replacement. There should be no parts that easily break.

Customer Service

Never buy from a company that doesn’t list any easy way to reach them to discuss breakage in delivered products, dissatisfaction with a product or to get answers to questions regarding products. A toll free number, email address or website should be listed for easy customer service and quick responses to contacts should ensue.


The price of expensive essential oil diffusers does not ensure you get more for your money. You probably just spend more. Compare features to prices and choose the most features for the lowest price.
Does the Product Provide a User’s Guide?

Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser

Select a product that includes a free guide about how to effectively select the essential oils for the essential oil diffuser and easily to follower guide to using the device. For example: The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils is a great free product included with some products.

Having researched multiple products, the only ultrasonic oil diffuser that meets all these criteria is the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser from Home Standard. If you find other products that meet the same criteria, we’ve love to hear from you.

Selecting Essential Oils For Your Home

Since essential oils cost money, most are not terribly expensive and many companies provide quality oils. Since most people are on a budget, chances are you want to select three or four oils to purchase at a time or whatever number fits your budget. You probably want to begin with a few key essential oils that provide specific aromatherapy benefits based on the needs of you and your family.

For example, if you want peaceful, sounder sleep, you’ll want to purchase lavender essential oil. If you want to give your home a clean smell to remove staleness or cover cooking odors, eucalyptus essential oil will do the trick. The specific device you purchase in which to use essential oil may have come with a basic essential oils guide that describes the benefits of many essential oils. If not, you can look online or check out a book from your local library or purchase a guide to essential oils at a local or online bookstore. Based on the benefits you desire, make a list in order of priority of the essential oils you plan to use.

You can obtain therapeutic grade essential oils online or from your local health food and natural products store. You should choose essential oils that are in glass bottles, preferably brown, blue or violet to reduce determination from light over time. The label should clearly state the common name of the plant used to create the oil, the Latin name of the plant, what part of the plant was used to create the product, safety warning information regarding safe use, and the amount of oil in the bottle (for example: 3 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml).

The bottle should have a top that seals well and a cap to permit easy removal of the oil by drops. The label should state the type of distillation method used to produce the oil and in most cases steam distillation is what you want, although citrus peel essential oils like orange, lemon or lime should indicate cold press as the extraction methods because these cannot be steam distilled. You may choose to select essential oils that are made from organic plants but that is really up to your personal standards.

Also, choose oils from aromatherapy stores that are environmentally-conscious (this may require a bit of online research on specific companies that produce essential oils that appeal to you). Look for a company that offers customer service either through a website or telephone number in case you have a problem with the product or need other information.

Aromatherapy Tips For A Pleasant Experience

Purchase small bottles of essential oil unless you use a lot of oil. Because most aromatherapy essential oil diffusers, aroma necklaces and other devices require only three or four drops of essential oil, 5 ml goes quite a long way. When trying a company or specific essential oil that you have not purchased before, buy the smallest available bottle in case you find you don’t enjoy it. You’ll have invested the least amount of money. If you find a few essential oils you use every day and have located a company you love to supply them, consider buying a larger size but not so large that it lasts for over six months.

Be wary of any essential oil offered by a company that is priced far lower than similar products from other sources. The oil may be weakened, made from poor quality plants, or adulterated in other ways. Read online reviews from users of essential oils and see what companies and which essential oils they have enjoyed using. Ask your online friends what companies and which oils they have enjoyed. There is a wealth of information about what essential oils are best based on actual customer experience available on the internet.

Experiment with various essential oils and you’ll build a collection of essential oils that provide different benefits and pleasing scents. Enjoy using essential oils in whatever type of device you choose; you and your family will enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

The Best Essential Oil Wedding Gift

Spring is a popular time for weddings, but no matter the wedding date, giving the best essential oil wedding gift will make the new couple happy. If the couple is already into essential oils, a wedding gift can add to their collection. If the couple is not already fans of the popular use of aromatherapy, this is a great time to help them make their life together happier and healthier by giving one of the best essential oil wedding gifts.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Home

If your friends entering into a new marriage don’t already have an essential oil diffuser, consider the electric Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser and a couple of essential oils to get your friends involved in the benefits of aromatherapy.

This essential oil diffuser comes with a basic guide book to essential oils. It is also very functional, sturdy and easy to use. This diffuser operates on regular tap water and makes an affordable gift. It includes mood lighting that can be set to relaxing changing colors, set to a single color or turned off during aromatherapy use.

You can find other units but none that offer as many benefits, making the Aromasent Essential Oil Diffuser the best wedding gift for the money. Include a couple of popular essential oils to get the couple started, for example lavender for sleep and relaxation and peppermint or lemon for energy.

If you know the wedding couple already has an essential oil diffuser, consider giving them an essential oil shower diffuser. This device allows them to load the diffuser with essential oil of their choice and have it diffused around them and onto their skin (in safe amounts) during showers. The shower diffuser is fast becoming very popular, but it is likely your friends will not get multiples of this gift, unlike the all-too-common gift of a blender or toaster.

A collection of essential oils is always a welcomed wedding gift. Many companies offer a choice of several nice collections to choose from or create a collection on your own and present them in a pretty basket inside a gift bag.

Wedding Gift Ideas Using The Best Essential Oil

A great starter set of essential oils could include a selection from this list of very popular oils:
Eucalyptus for health and energy as well as a pleasant clean smell that neutralizes cooking, cigarette smoke and pet odors

Thieves (also called The Thieves by some vendors) for killing germs and promoting good health

Lavender for deep relaxation and sound sleep

A citrus such as lemon, sweet orange or lime for invigoration and anti-depressant properties as well as use for natural cleaning

Ylang ylang or patchouli for passion

Peppermint for energy

If you want to show your friends how much you care and give them a very special aromatherapy wedding gift, you might consider one of the absolute oils, extracted as great expense. These are the most costly essential oils but just 1/8 ounce will last a long, long time because these oils are so potent. Consider rose absolute, vanilla absolute or jasmine absolute and your friends will truly thank you.

What You MUST Know to Use Essential Oil Safely

When using essential oils in a diffuser, other device or recipe, you MUST know a few important facts to be safe. The following facts will allow you to do just that.

Using Essential Oils Safety

Dilution: Never use undiluted essential oil directly on the skin. Because the oil is so strong it can produce burning or another negative reaction, up to and including potentially deadly allergic shock. Always dilute the oil in water for diffuser use, a carrier oil or cream such as Shea butter.

Known Allergies: If you have a known allergy, you WILL have an allergic reaction to the essential oil of that substance. No exceptions; and the reaction will most likely be much worse because of the condensed nature of essential oils. A lot of the plant or food to which you are known to be allergic is required to make a single drop of oil so it only makes sense the allergic reaction would be worse.

Skin Test: Perform a safe skin test before using an essential oil you have not used before. To do this, wet a cotton ball and add one drop of essential oil. Massage the oil into the cotton ball and apply to skin in an inconspicuous spot that you can easily see. Wait 24 to 48 hours to ensure there is no negative reaction such a reddening, itching or appearance of a rash before using the oil.

Read Instructions on Devices: Be sure to completely read instructions included with any diffuser or other device before using. Some diffusers require purified water while others, like the Aromasent, can use plain tap water. Be aware of any precautions included in the instructions such as safe electric practices, what parts of the device should remain dry to ensure the life of your product.

Pricing: When purchasing essential oils, realize that paying more does not mean a better essential oil. Only a few companies in the world mass produce therapeutic quality essential oils because the process is expensive and requires vast quantities of plant material. Therefore, the difference in price is largely due to packaging, profit, promotion and public relations. An unusually cheap essential oil, however, may have been diluted with some type of carrier oil or other non-essential product, so avoid any deal that seems too good to be true.

Essential Oil Safety

Storage: Essential oils will last for decades if stored properly. Proper storage means the container should be glass and either amber, brown or blue in color. The top should contain a restrictor so that one drop at a time can be extracted. If a dropper is used, the rubber on the dropper will deteriorate over time and must be replaced to ensure the integrity of the essential oil. Also, keep essential oils in cool, dark locations.

With these simple precautions, you can use essential oils safely and enjoy all the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your health and pleasure regimes.

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

How To Find The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Home

Nothing feels as relaxing as gazing at the dancing flames of your fireplace on a cold night. However, traditional fireplaces, are expensive, messy, and are a fire hazard. Fortunately, you can obtain all the benefits of a traditional fireplace, for a lower cost,  and much less mess. An electric fireplace can provide you with the best features of a traditional fireplace, without many of the drawbacks. We will help you choose the best electric fireplace for your application.

After you have made the decision that an electric fireplace suits your needs better than a traditional one, you must find the best electric fireplace model for your particular situation. There are a large number of models and providers from which to choose. So, you must do a some legwork prior to making your decision to purchase a particular model.

The most vital stop, subsequent to deciding to purchase an electric fireplace, is selecting a competent distributor. You should find an authorized distributor of a solid manufacturer. Be sure that you can quickly get in touch with their customer service agents and that they have a full knowledge of product offerings.

Decide On The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Particular Situation

Every scenario is different, your unique needs will determine which model is most suitable for you. Before choosing a model you need to ask a few relevant questions. You need to know how much floor space you have. Does your unit have to have multiple functions, such as being a media console and fireplace simultaneously?  How much heat do you need your unit to generate? Subsequent to answering these questions,  you will be in a better position to select the unit that is most suitable.
There are a large number of models on the market, so it is imperative that you have full knowledge of your requirements before proceeding. Electric fireplaces are made in many different styles. There are fireplaces with wood mantles and stoves that are free standing. You must decide the type of design that is most suitable for a particular room in order to find the best electric fireplace for your needs.

You also most decide the location in the room that is best for your electric fireplace. Most often, the center or room focal point is the best location. However, there are electric fireplaces made with corners for people who want to use a corner location.

Additionally make sure that the room you choose has enough electric current available to handle the additional load that your electric fireplace will place on it. In the ideal situation your electric fireplace will have its own dedicated circuit. However, if you don’t want to install an additional circuit, determine if the existing circuit can handle the additional load. You need to look at the amount of watts that the model you are considering buying consumes.

Numerous models are on the market, so it is imperative that you have full knowledge of all your requirements prior to making a purchasing decision. A built-in model will be a permanent fixture in a home or office and they are well suited for new construction or renovation projects. You can buy a model that can be located just about anywhere in a room. It can be on an outside wall, inside wall, center of a room , or in a corner. A plug-in type of electric fireplace used in conjunction with a free standing mantel is often suitable for a corner space or on a wall. As an alternative, if you have an existing wood burning or gas stove, you can convert it into an electric fireplace by purchasing log inserts that are electric. You can even buy an electric fireplace that is part of a media package. It can house your television and MP3 and DVD players as well. Other possibilities include a free standing stove that looks like a traditional, cast iron, wood burning stove.

Since having adequate space can be a problem, you may want to consider getting a corner or wall mounted electric fireplace. Wall mounted fireplaces offer the instantaneous appeal of fire while simultaneously giving off instant heat, when needed. There are a lot of designs that have a lot of aesthetic appeal and are made with a variety of finishes such as black, white, glass, and a metallic finish. Due to their space saving properties wall units are often used in apartments, condominiums, and lofts. Wall units are also constructed with some wrap around panoramic window designs.

Another space saving design are corner fireplaces. These designs can offer the appeal of fine furniture along with the look of a traditional fireplace. There are models that you can convert to be placed in a corner or on a flat wall. Corner fireplaces are east to install and are able to fit into most home corners. These electric fireplaces can be operated without the  heater or with it, so you can use it year round.  Corner electric fireplaces are usually made so you can power then off of any 120 volt electrical outlet. You do not have to provide a vent for them and the majority of them come with a remote control.
For more information on finding the best electric fireplaces, go to our website Best Electric  where you will find reviews and ratings on a large selection of top rated electric fireplaces. These are reviews and ratings by customers who have actually purchased the product and used it for some period of time.  This is an excellent way to gather some useful information for your research before you make your final purchasing decision.

The Lost Ways Book, Ebook By Claude Davis Reviews

The Lost Ways Book, Ebook By Claude Davis Reviews

Lost Ways by Claude Davis

This is a review of the book The Lost Ways by Claude Davis and some of the facts surrounding the book that consumers need to know about. This is also a complete guide of some of the precautions that should be taken regarding the various schemes that can be found in the internet involving this product.

Please note that this is a review and fan site for The Lost Ways. If you wish to purchase the book directly from Claude Davis and be qualified for the 60 day money back guarantee and all other bonus materials then you should visit the official website for the book here.

I have added some important consumer alerts at the end of the post. These alerts deal with the various schemes that some unscrupulous websites are using to try and trick you into visiting their sites. I have created this fan site in order to help people interested in Claude Davis’s guide. If there is a certain issue or point not covered in this article then you can contact me at eubookshophq (at) and I would try to answer your query as soon as possible. Please put “The Lost Ways Book Question”  as the subject of your mail, it will help me get back to you faster.


The Lost ways is written by Claude Davis, it is a guide to surviving catastrophic events such as natural disasters, economic decline and war. The author believes that the modern technology driven lifestyle has made humans complacent. The conveniences have made life so comfortable that nobody ever prepares or even considers the worst eventualities. So, the survival skills that were ingrained in the ancient humans have been lost and forgotten.

The survival guide emphasizes the importance of learning those survival techniques so that living without amenities wouldn’t be a hardship. The book consists of an array of information and methods that have been passed down from our ancestors. And these methods can help the reader survive almost any kind of disaster. In that context the author has discussed some important topics that he believes can help people deal with disasters better.

Things that you can learn from the book

The book was written by Claude Davis to answer the growing demand for survival guides In the recent years. This is by far one of the most comprehensive guides that will help people learn various techniques that the ancient humans employed many years ago. The book has many tips and tricks that Americans will find useful to survive natural as well as manmade catastrophes. The book has 350 pages and they contain the various aspects of life that the author things will be helpful for Americans to survive catastrophe. Some of the important things that are taught in the book include:

  • Food: Davis has included some recipes in the book that will help people cook nutrition rich food with common and readily available ingredients.
  • Traps: traps are essential to keep a steady supply of food coming during a famine or food shortage. The book details the construction methods for various traps and how they can be used to catch animals of different kinds, especially during winter season.
  • Housing: In times of disaster, shelter often proves to be a very big problem. To address this problem Davis has created detailed guides for creating big underground shelters that can house as many as 4 families comfortably.
  • Water: drinking water is the most important concern, even more than food. In this book the correct methods of collecting and storing water is taught. The methods are quite effective and very economical as well.
  • Poultices: Poultices when prepared right can take care of most minor injuries; in the book Davis describes methods for making poultices from natural ingredients.
  • Bullets: here Davis cites the example of a group of people who wandered west and never had any shortage of bullets.

Notable features of the product

The Lost Ways holds a Clickbank gravity score of over 200 which means that it is an extremely popular book. It is also tops the ranks of self-help survival guide in the Clickbank Marketplace. Clickbank is one of the most reliable and leading online providers of digital info-products. And they take into account various factors like sales volume, popularity, refund rates, and overall customer satisfaction when they rank a product. So the gravity score and market place ratings are very reliable indicators of the quality of any product.

File format of the book:

The Lost Ways is available in hardcopy but you will have to pay $8.99 extra for shipping and buyers will also have to wait for a time before the book is finally delivered to them. However, it is also available as an ebook and can be downloaded right after the purchase as a PDF file, or it can be read online.  The ebook is compatible with any device that supports a PDF reader.

Product cost

Onetime payment of $37.00 USD, there is no shipping cost for the ebook, but there is fee of $8.99 for those who would rather have a hard copy.


Is it available at the offline bookstores? Is it available on Amazon, Re there any discount coupons or codes? The answer to all three of these questions is “No”.

Refund policy

Buyers will get 100% of their money refunded to them without any questions asked within 60 days if they are not satisfied with it.

Is the online payment option secure?

Absolutely, Clickbank handles payments and refunds through secure payment gateway that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption from reputed vendors like Verisign and Thawte. So, all your data including your financial info is encrypted and quite safe.

If you want to know more, you can read more about the book on this fan site or you can visit the official website to watch Claude Davis’s Lost Ways Program video.

How is the Lost Ways Survival Guide   Beneficial?

The book offers some pretty handy tips and tricks that could help people around the world survive through tough times, but it also has other benefits for readers. Here are some of the benefits of The Lost Ways:

  1. Very relatable tips: the tips and methods mentioned in the book are definitely going to be very useful during any disasters, but these same tips can also be used in daily life. You could for example learn how to save money on water, food and medicine from this book. All the methods mentioned here uses easily available and affordable raw materials.
  2. Most comprehensive survival guide in the market: There are hundreds of survival guides available online but none can surpass Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways in comprehensibility. All the methods and tips mentioned in the book are tried and tested, so you can rest assured that the guide will definitely help you survive almost any kind of catastrophes. The amount of info given in the book also surpasses those of other books in the same genre, so The Lost Ways can offer more value for money as well.
  3. The information has practical usage: The difference between the people today and the people who existed thousands of years ago is quite marked in terms of expectations and perspective. Those ancient humans did everything themselves, the situation has changed a lot now. With the advent of technology, the need to be self sufficient has dwindled. Davis believes that modern technology and facilities that come with it are responsible for the complacency that shrouds the modern generation. The author’s goal is to change the situation by instilling skills in modern humans that once benefitted the ancient humans. The book contains details of many practical skills that can be learn and implemented easily and will help bring self sufficiency to modern Americans.
  4. Money back guarantee: The 60 day no question asked money back guarantee is very impressive indeed. This in itself shows just how confident the author is about the value of his book. In case you find the book unsatisfactory within 60 days of buying it you can ask for a refund and you will get back every dollar and dime. So, this is a quite risk free opportunity to try out a great product without worrying about wasting your money.

Are there any downsides of the book?

Even the best products might have some downsides and so does this one. The product has no audio visual element, if you wanted to learn the survival course through audios or videos, you will be disappointed. The book isn’t made available in those formats. It is only available as an ebook, so those who like to read paper books might be disappointed.

About the author Claude Davis

Claude Davis is a survival expert with over 30 years of experience. He also has a survival website the AskAPrepper(.)com.  Claude Davis has always been concerned about the growing dependency of the modern generation on technology and how humans have disconnected themselves from the ways of their ancestors. The Lost Ways came into being out of this concern. It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive survival guides that you can find. If you want to become self sufficient, then you should definitely buy this book. It is a safe investment because in the unlikely case that you find this book wanting, you can still get all your money back if you ask for a refund within 60 days. Buying the book from the official website will also make you eligible for some bonuses from the author.

Consumer Alerts regarding this book

Since The Lost Ways have been released online, a large number of websites have come up with fake reviews, fake discounts, free download scams and doing other unscrupulous things to lure visitors to their sites. If you are a little observant and careful, you can easily identify these scammers and protect yourself.

  • The Fake Scam Alert:

When you search for The Lost Ways book by Claude Davis in Google or other search engines you might come across some web pages with titles like “The Lost Ways Book: Another SCAM!?!” or “The Lost Ways Book: Is Claude Davis a Scammer?” these sites are indicative of what a fake scam alert really is. You might also find articles with headlines like “The Lost Ways Book: OMG So Bad!” the websites that post articles with titles like that are trying to use a fear tactics, they are trying to manipulate you into thinking that they had used the product and had a bad experience with it. So, naturally you will be curious and will visit their site to find out more.

You are wondering how you can truly know that these alerts aren’t genuine? Well you will understand once you visit the webpage in question and start reading the page. Even though the title cried about SCAM in bold and capitalized letters, once you read the article you will find that it has only positive things to say about The Lost Ways book. They will provide you with aglowing account of how great the book is, how it changed their lives and so on. The word SCAM in the title was meant to draw you in as they very well know mentioning something negative about a product will practically force people into visiting their site in the hopes of finding out if they were going to make a mistake by buying the product.

A real scam alert about a product is meant to alert consumers and should be heeded, but a trick like this is something else entirely. When you find a huge difference between what the title of a page says and what the page actually contains then use your instinct. Logically speaking no genuine review for The Lost Ways book is likely to say it’s a scam in the title and then say the exact opposite in the review itself.

  • The super expensive, “Extra Special” bonus package scam:

Websites that offer this type of offers often have no knowledge about what The Lost Ways is or what it does. This is how these sites operate; they will offer you some extra special bonus package that you can only get if you buy the book through their website. The package will be marked up at $497 or $297 or something similar. But in truth what they are touting as an expensive bonus package is actually nothing but some Private Label Rights (PLR) or some ebooks that you can find online for free if you look for them.

These bonus products often have no relation with the actual product, in this case The Lost Ways book. For example the offer might be phrased like, “Buy The Lost Ways Book through the link below and I’ll send you “How To Get Rid Of Acne” and about a dozen other similar useless and free ebooks that have been priced at $497 to make it attractive to you. Just think how pointless it is, after all what relation does acne has with survival? That’s right, NOTHING!

Once you make the purchase, you will be asked to email the receipt of your purchase in order to avail the bonus. They will say that they need to verify that you have purchased from their website before they can give you access to the bonus ebooks. But once you send the email, they have your email and order details and you will be spammed. Or they might even gain access to the product using the order information you provided. You will be better off staying away.

  • The Fake Review:

Fake reviews are very common for a product that has seen some popularity. When a product like The Lost Ways Book gains popularity, you might find page after page of reviews, most of which are likely fake. Here are some tips that will help you spot fake reviews.

Poorly written reviews

Poorly written content is almost always created by spinning tools that take an existing article and then replace certain words with synonyms. Auto generated content is also an example of poor quality content. They often lack readability and have numerous grammatical errors. Fortunately the low readability and grammatical mistakes are a dead giveaway for auto generated content, so if you start reading a review that isn’t quite right linguistically then just hit the back button on your browser and get out of there.

No specificity

Another hallmark of a fake review is generic content. The review is likely to be quite thin; it will have hardly any details about the product except for what is written in the product’s sales page. Though even a genuine review will have some percentage of generic statements, but a review that is too vague is probably a fake one. So, if you get a feeling that the review you are reading doesn’t know what its talking about then its time you looked elsewhere.

Other noticeable traits of fake reviews

When you start reading a review, if the first thing you notice is the sheer number of buy now, download, and other types of buttons then you should become very cautious. It is understandable that a review will have a few buttons that directs you to the sales page for the book, but if all you can see are those buttons and the review seems thin than you ought to get out of there in a hurry.

Another thing to look for is specific information about the book like the number of pages it has, the number of chapters in it. Does the review discuss specific topics that have been mentioned in the book? Are there any quotations that are lifted from the book directly? A review that has intimate knowledge of the book is more likely to have come from someone who has read it.

Some thoughts on testimonials

Testimonials that are available online can be faked easily and there is no sure way of verifying the authenticity of testimonials. Also, basing your decisions on the experience that someone else may have had with a given book isn’t quite practical. Listening to other people’s success stories or the good influence that the book have had in their lives can be quite inspiring, but ultimately you will have to make your own decision. The only testimonials worth your time are those that are posted on exclusive forums for buyers who have actually bought the book. Remember that with every book, there will be some who loved it and those who didn’t have a positive experience, so try for yourself instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

  • The free download alert

You will probably come across websites that will say that you can download Claude Davis’s Lost Ways eBook for free from their website. You might find a webpage that says “The Lost Ways Book Free Download”, but when you get there they will just redirect you to a website that sells the book for $37 and then tries to justify the title by saying it’s “risk-free”.

Another version of this scam is the fake discount. Websites claiming that you can buy the book at 30% or 50% discount if you click on the link they provide. But when you click on the link and are redirected to the website you find that it still costs $37. Some websites will even go one step further and try to inflate the price to make it look like you are getting a discount. They might say something like “The Lost Ways Book is normally $157, but buy through my link for $37.00, a savings of 75%!”

None of this is true so please avoid falling for such scams. The Lost Ways is not a free ebook so anyone offering a free download is wasting your time or is providing you a illegal copy. There are no discount codes or coupons for the book, it is priced at $37, so don’t let an unscrupulous website convince you otherwise.